• President Rick Perry Ad Reveals What’s Destroying America: Gays and That Damned Anti-Christian Obama!

    December 9, 2011 12:20 am 23 comments

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    Jack Gould

    President Rick Perry Ad Reveals What’s Destroying America: Gays and That Damned Anti-Christian Obama

    America has reached a crisis point in history. We sit alone, the last superpower teetering on the edge of greatness or eternal 3rd world damnation. Our country drowns in the filth created by its liberal laws and the slothfulness of the very now emancipated people who once worked hard to build this country. Stalin’s demon sheds a tear while Karl Marx dances on the grave of Milton Friedman, the whispers of laissez-faire being lost on the ears of Satan as he proudly watches atheists destroy America’s self-identity of a Christian nation with a Godly heritage.

    We call ourselves the great melting pot, but somewhere along the line, potheaded liberals forgot to turn off the burner and the great American experiment is being scorched economically, spiritually and morally. We are becoming a fallen nation, a dismal fate that our forefathers never dreamed would have cursed us.

    Scholars gather and ask, where did it go wrong?  When did America go from being the shining light of democracy and the nightmare of Soviet sympathists, to a nation dominated by the Euro and plotted upon by radical Chinese communists?

    And while we watch liberal news pundits spin lies and confusion, we need to look no further than the foundations of this great nation to see why we’re cursed.  Where did we stand in 1776?  1812.  1945.  1984.  All great years of American power and dominance.  Compare those years to where we stand now, at the precipice of 2012.  Where is our American pride and glory?

    My good friends, do not let anyone deny this truth to you.  America was founded as One Nation Under God.  It is written upon our hearts in a vow we all took as children.  America is a nation who proclaims one truth:  In God We Trust.  It is written upon the very binding fabric of Democracy, freedom, love and peace.  The American Dollar. 

    And when we betray our Christian duty to oversee the world and lead the world forward in a Biblical way, we cannot bring ourselves to be proud.  Gays claim they have Gay Pride, but how can one man honestly looks his father in the eyes, both knowing that by night he spreads his bowels and presents himself to another man?

    Homosexuality is spreading in America. For every 1 gay, 3 people are forcibly sodomized. For every one gay couple, two Americans will fail to contribute naturally born children with a solid foundation to America. Homosexuals represent a great risk to society and a waste of American resources. Homosexuality is tearing America away from its tradition of hard work, pride, commerce and most dangerous, its Godly Heritage and Historic Christian Identity.

    If a man is so shamed to let his father see him do such things, then how can that man dare stand before his Heavenly Father and let him see such things?  Yes, homosexuality has no pride and no honor.  It is disgusting and shameful.  Homosexuals know this and when we accept their lifestyle, somewhere in our spiritual man — the legendary “American Spirit” that once coalesced within the bosoms of every single American, the VERY SPIRIT that keeps us unified together in peace and not blowing up our neighbors like those demented Muslims — we are disabled.  We are impotent.  We are shamed.

    America no longer has an American Way because we no longer are Americans.  Not the Americans that our forefathers, your grandparents, dreamed of.  We are a nation of sodom enablers.  We allow gays to smear their foul shame all over our lifestyle, letting them claim New York as a Sodomy Megalopolis and letting them stir the pots of rancid imagery in the imagination and dreams of our children.

    Yes, friends.  We live in cruel days.  Evil hours.  And what can be more evil than people who seek to sodomize and shame all that is around them.  Governor Rick Perry from Texas knows the truth and deep in your heart, you know it as well.  Gays are tearing apart our American family, just like they are tearing apart the sanctity of the nuclear family.

    Our gay ‘brethren and sisters’ are forcing God to disown our nation, and there is one sable Moor who knows this truth.  His name is Barack Obama.

    Obama is anti-Christian, just like the atheist voting bloc who helped him get into office.  Socialist radicals who dream of a weak nanny-state America know that once our nation loses its Christian identity and confidence, as we see now, we will falter.  We will be at each other’s necks, just like the Middle East.  And without an American authority, the world will fall into a tyrannical chaos.

    My dear readers, my dear congregation and my dear followers, receive this blessing and wisdom.  America must put a Christian into the White House.  We must see a return of capitalistic traditions such as belief in the power of prayer, Reaganomics, equality for all and global dominance.  We must return to the America of our forefathers:  America, the beautiful.  And what is more beautiful than a family with a male father, a female mother and loving children who only submit to their God and needs of our country.

    Family values.  That is what America is losing, and if we continued to lose our sense of decency, we will continue to see our nation fall.  Missing and exploited children on the news.  Economic failure.  Military stuck in hostile warzones.  Violence in schools.  Great acts of nature destroying homes and lives.  It is all related to our betrayal of the American family and our Christian heritage.

    Governor Rick Perry has my official endorsement for president.  We spoke today and I proudly contributed to this great man’s campaign.  We must be a nation that tells gays that THEY are the bigots from trying to force BIG SODOMY on the AMERICAN FAMILY.  And when we tell them that by putting Governor Perry into office, we will proudly exclaim that “This is the victory that overcometh our world, even our faith!”.  And then we shall see the return to American glory.

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