• Prius Not Satanic After All!

    December 4, 2011 1:29 am 26 comments

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    A recent study has revealled that the Toyota Prius may actually help fight terrorism. This is not surprising when you learn that the Prius is from Japan, who are not curtrently home to any terrorist factions.

    However, think about where oil comes from. The middle east. This area as we know harbours many terrorist factions, such as Al Qaeda. Now are you really going to tell me that these well organised, well established terror factions don’t have claims in the greatest asset of their native lands; OIL?

    Of course they do. So, if you apply logical, intelligent thought to this, buying a Prius is actually a statement against terrorism, as it doesn’t send anywhere near as much oil money to terrorist groups in the middle east. Do you really want to pay at the pumps for your lands to be bombed? Do you?

    Of course you don’t. Japan has no terrorists living there, or making money there. So therefore, buying a Prius is not sending money to terrorists. However, buying a big thirsty fuel drinker, means that you’re buying more fuel, and sending money to the middle east.

    Do the sensible thing, buy a Prius, cut the terrorists income, and save the green Earth our benevolant Deity gave us at the same time. You will be thanked when Al Qaeda goes bankrupt and has to stop all operations.

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