• Prius Owner causes “Most Expensive Car Crash” in History

    December 5, 2011 4:51 pm 17 comments

    Stupid Prius Owner causes “Most Expensive Car Crash” in History.
    -Chuck D. Finley

    Japan-We have all seen them. We have all been told that they are great fuel efficient cars. But they are ugly, made by American hating Japs, and are driven by idiots. How many times have you been stuck in traffic on the interstate by an idiot in a Prius going 60 in the fast lane when the speed limit is 70?

    Well idiot drivers are everywhere and this weekend in Japan a Prius driving moron caused what is being called the “Most Expensive Car Crash Ever”.

    It all started Sunday morning when a group of super exotic car owners went for a drive after a car show. They took a road named China Road in Yamaguchi prefectur. Police reports state the wreck began when a 60-year-old businessman from Fukushima driving a Ferrari F430 attempted to pass a Toyota Prius, but instead hit the guardrail. That set off a chain reaction and eventually included seven other Ferraris including a 360 Modena, F355 and a white Testarossa, also included were a Lamborghini Diablo and a few high-end Mercedes. The crash left 10 people with minor injuries. Fortunately the injuries were light, but several of the vehicles appeared totaled. The Prius that caused the whole incident was got off light and only sustained some rear bumper damage.

    Estimates put the damage at over $4 Million dollars. All because of a pretensious idiot in a Prius.

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