• Proving Atheists Wrong with Science

    December 29, 2011 5:13 am 56 comments

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    How can a man understand science, when he does not understand He who is the Creator of all? – Reverend Mariam Wardley

    Dear friends, those words from our beloved and passed Reverend Wardley still hold true to this very day.  The subject of that quote are a group of people known as ‘atheists’.  These are people who somehow have come to the conclusion that with only five senses, humanity can detect every known portion of existence.  These people believe that ‘empiricism’ is limited to tests and senses that we, as humans, can only possess.

    If an atheist cannot test something and get data from it to their liking and observance, then they conclude that it obviously must not exist.

    This sort of backwoods thinking oft times shocks readers, to think that there could actually be people so arrogant and absent-minded.  In the world of atheism, there is no room for faith or morality.  Only angry words and raw emotion, the telling signs of people who have not considered any other viewpoints.

    What atheists fail to realize is that in their attempt to claim science for ‘themselves’ and no one else, they are denying a world of possibilities.   Look into a clear winter’s night sky.  Behold the stars magnifcently gleaming in heaven.  Is it so hard to think that somwhere in all those stars, is a color that exists that we could never test or observe?  A taste or new concept that we ‘sense’ with abilities we never knew we had within us?

    Such philosphy destroys the minds of atheists and their weak logic leaders like Richard Dawkins, PZ Mayers and Neill DeGrasse Tyson.  Like all atheists, these men speak big and brave words, but when confronted with the very science that God created, they cringe and get catty.  They want to test God when such things are akin to a zygote trying to understand the finer nuances of string theory.  It just will never happen.  The zygote paradox even pales to comparison in how low we are compared to our God of creation, love and mercy.

    If you really want to stump an atheist, you only have to provide rudimentary science.  Here is a sample sent from ChristWire reader Dana Simmons of Rhode Island.  I found this example to be a real treasure:

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