• Radical Lesbian Rhetoric Coaches Child to Attack Michelle Bachmann

    December 6, 2011 11:20 pm 57 comments

    Michelle Bachmann being assaulted with offensive words implanted into the mouth of a child by lesbian friendly society and destructive radical pro-homosexual rhetoric.

    Source – GBTV

    Outrage is taking place in South Carolina after a mentally-coached child was forced to spit extreme left-wing rhetoric to Governor Michelle Bachmann.

    Only weeks after Michelle Bachmann was brutally assaulted with words from a wild, bigoted verbal tirade wielded by a high school student victimized by liberal teaching, this week Bachmann was again the victim of a growing sense of entitlement from America’s too well entrenched homosexual establishment.

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     In America there is a growing movement to condemn and abuse the rights of people who do not believe in gay marriage.  Already, gays have overturned marriage protection laws in 5 states and already, the destruction of economy, family and general health in those states has taken a toll.

    It was just last week that GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was bullied about her stance on gay marriage. And if you thought that was shocking and offensive, just wait until you see what the liberal media brainwashed a coached child to say to Michelle Bachmann at a meet and greet yesterday:

    “My mommy — Miss Bachmann, my mommy‘s gay but she doesn’t need fixing.” The words come from a young, innocent child only known as Elijah.

    With hurt and tears welling in her eyes, Bachmann shot a look at the boy’s ‘mother’ and had to wonder if this was the future of America. Will all children be coached to think that a woman furiously rubbing and doing tongue perversions to another woman is the intent of marriage and family on which this country was founded?

    Will children be taught that when a man bends another man before him and has a demented release of DNA, that somehow from the mixture of intestinal fumes and oily sin dereks, that a precious child will somehow be born of a demonic anal womb?

    There is no honor in gay marriage. It is sick and perverted. While people who disagree with this fact are being hailed as ‘progressives’ and ‘innocent’ in this war on gay marriage, the people who follow nature’s orders and want our reproductive parts used correctly are being labeled bigots and being disrespected by 8-year-old children?

    What’s even more disturbing is that videos prove the child was being coaxed. You can hear liberal media pundits coaching him to try to ‘make a moment’ so that the video could go viral and make all of us Republican conservative lawmakers, politicians and every day people look bad for standing up against gay marriage.

    These are the sort of tricks and exploitation the left will resort to in order to win over media. See for yourself:

    The video brings up one important fact. It is never okay to ‘coach’ your child to 1) manipulate reality in the ways liberals love to do.

    2) Accept gay marriage. If children are supposed to develop a sense of themselves and be themselves, according to gay activists, then why do we find videos like this where liberals are forcing a child’s mind to think Republicans are all evil people who think mean things about their two mommies?

    What do you think? Is this over-the-top and out of line, or just an example of a mother teaching her son to be active in political activism at a young age?

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