• Rihanna Skimpy Bikini Shocks the Eyes

    December 31, 2011 11:06 pm 6 comments

    WARNING:  The following image media contains Rihanna skimpy bikini exposures.  Immediately demand any women/children in the room immediately leave before viewing.  After ordering the weak spirited to leave please lock the door and pray for this woman’s hellmarinated soul.

    When I first learned that a little California raisin named Chris Brown put his hands on a women, I wanted to grab my belt and teach the boy some lessons.  Now I see maybe he was just trying to tame a flesh fanning harpy because she’s exposing herself with sin!

    Many of you let your daughters listen to this raver girl who apparently sings “Jungle List” styled music from he native country of Barbados.  Let me tell you something.  If you don’t want to become Grandpa in the year 2012, ban this harlot from your daughter or son’s Mp3 playlist!

    Sunkissed: Maria Menounos emerges from a dip in the sea during a holiday with friends on the beach in Miami

    In this picture, we see Rihanna doing the aloof skampy pose.  She’s trying to act like she does not know you are there, but is so glad you’re taking an eyefull and trying to make you stiffen up with sin.  She wants all the men on the beach to cheat on their wives with illegal thoughts during a secret demonwhack in the foyer!

    It’s women like this that are making over 50% of divorce take place!

    Having a ball: Maria has been tweeting from the beach, telling followers she's having fun

    Here we see a wedge of sin.  Black women love to let their knickers ride inside the musty so that men will get lusty with gay oriented thoughts!   I wish I had a pin, because I would stick it right there and deflate all the chicken-greased rumpus sins!

    Pucker up: Maria gave boyfriend Keven Undergaro a kiss for the cameras - and he was only too happy to oblige

    Here we see an innocent sorority woman has been snagged in the spider’s nest.  She thinks she is a boy and is exposing her A cup chest flaps and  was just playing some beach football with some ‘butch bro’s’ but soon enough, she’ll be playing backside plastic phallis receiver to Satan’s demons in hell!  Rihanna wants to play center and let this poor orange shorted lesbian butch to just a hut hut hike in her keister spot and then that will be all the ammunition Satan needs when he makes his case for this young man to burn in hell with all other backside drifters!  The only female thing this poor lesbian has left to her is that silly 80s headband.

    Parents, look how easily Rihanna made a woman become a full out lesbian.  I’m sure the woman to the picture on the right showed up to the beach in a normal pink onesie and was just soaking in the sun, until Rihanna did some sort of jungle list shimmy and got lesbian backsided thoughts flowing through the crowds.  This sorority chickadee probably stole the shorts right off a boy, threw off her bikini and played broham so she could foddle Rihanna’s jungle juices.


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