• Ronnie Radke of “Falling On Reverse” is still a Criminal Sexual Deviant

    December 2, 2011 2:32 pm 76 comments

    Many of you will remember my article revealing satanic emosexual rock group Falling On Reverse to the Christian community. If you have forgotten it or never read it please click that blue text link or here is a quick synopsis to bring you up to date. Ronnie Radke was in a emo rock group then killed someone with a group of friends. He went to jail where he was repeatedly raped. Well actually rape means you didn’t want it. Since he did, it is called sodomy. He was eventually released and started a new emosexual rock review known as Falling On Reverse.

    This “wacky radke” has been releasing songs this year, and destroying the souls of countless teen children. One of their latest songs is “I’m not a Vampire” In it he prances around like the little sodomite that he is, as if he is at a celebrity rehab. Something he needs as he was probably so high he didn’t know what was happening while filming said video.

    From a musical stand point the music is bad. Not bad as in good, like the kids say today but just bad. Really bad. The music is very theatrical and the way that Radke bounces around reminds me of David Lee Roth of the 80′s. Not the Van Halen, David Lee Roth but the post Van Halen solo David Lee Roth.

    If you stay viewed until the end of the video a masked black man that sodomized Radke in Prison reveals himself as “an old friend” we all know what that means.

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