• Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell Confess Their Love in Secret Messages

    December 29, 2011 8:57 am 7 comments

    In the very first image, you are witnessing these two homogay Hollywood Moving Picture “Stars” being romantic in an obviously Gay Bar (look at all the neon, so gay).

    Sam Raiming and Bruce Campbell are best college buddies and have created multiple films together. They are both brilliant artists in their own ways.

    Bruce Campbell has created his own niche in Film and Television, he is the dumb guy, who becomes a hero because he is such a moron. He has starred in such amazing hit movies as: “Jack of all Trades” or “TimeQuest” or “Cleveland Smith: Bounty Hunter” or the fun FOX TV show called “The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr” which I believe was cancelled to early. America doesn’t seem to enjoy a good Western program anymore (probably too many Asians, Jews and Blacks, who helped build the railroads for us, which I am eternally grateful for).

    For those who don’t remember Bruce Campbell in his greatest Television Role, here is a short video clip:

    As you can see from this clip, the writing wasn’t very good. The acting was spectacular, but how many shows can make it more than one season saying “Very fancy” and “D*mn” over and over.

    This is where Mr. Ramin came in. Sam Ramie was a well known “Horror” movie producer/Director from New Australia Territory. He wrote a very famous Muppet movie. Here is is the Trailer for that film:

    Based on that video, we know that Sam Raming is most certainly a gay. Now most of you are asking, How does that connect Bruce Campbell to the Gays? He has played only roles where he would rather die than not sleep with a woman, right?

    WRONG!!! It is a well known fact that the gays over-compinsate for their hatred of females by trying to sleep with as many as possible. I personally believe that the gays are mad that attractive White men like myself refuse to open my sewer hole for them, so they try to act extra straight.

    Sammy Rami and Bruce the Bruce met in College after these failed movies and decided to become more “Mainstream”. They decided to remake an awful movie called “Evil Dead” into a movie called “Army of Darkness”. Nobody noticed the “re-make” because nobody noticed the first movie, or even the fact that the second, Called “Evil Dead 2, were all the same movies. The “Army of Darkness” helped these lovers find their gay way into Hollywood though. For those of you who don’t know any of these awful movies, I will find the cleanest, most Christian clip I can:

    The only good thing in that clip, is that he promoted American quality goods. The rest of the movie is pure Satanic filth and homogay propaganda.

    Eventually, word of a strange new Director/Writer and his house boy fell across Hollywood. Sam and Bruce got hired to film a show called Xena: Warrior Princess. What a huge break, for awful actors and Directors. The made the series actually survive for 1 extra season though, so congratulations.

    After multiple, multiple, multiple failures together, Sam Raimes got a break. He was hired to director a movie called Spiderman. He had ZERO creative control, and was only allowed to tell the actors what Stan Lee wanted him to say. The only “Directorial” thing he did, was get his lover Bruce hired for a bit part. This has been argued about on many “Film Nerd” forums however. Many people believe that Bruce Campell was hired first and got Sam Reamer the job after. We will probably never know.

    The first Spiderman pornographic film was a huge success and made way for films like “ShowGirls” and “StripTease” and “My Mother’s tits are only available if you are willing to be pooped on by a donkey”. All of these films are obviously dirty, but “Spiderman” is the worst of all. Imagine a grown man using his hand to make “white, sticky things” come out of his body. This movie promotes Self-Pleasuring at the highest level. I am so disgusted, I’m not sure I can finish this article…

    The Gay Couple, then proceeded to make 3 more Spiderman porno’s and even a few movies that were just pure Evil, like “Drag Me To Hell”. How can there be any question about these people??? I’m sure you Liberals will come up with something to yell at me about even though this article is 115% true. I am glad that they don’t seem to employ many Illegals or Blacks though, that is just good work ethic.

    In conclusion, America needs to ban these Taint Terrorists from creating movies or TV programs that keep be rated TV-7. This pornography needs to end!!!

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