• Scientific Community: Quit Your Arrogant Knowledge Worship Or Expect Another Babel-like Holy Confoundment

    December 8, 2011 3:42 am 37 comments
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  • Tower of Babel

    All of us who were not raised by heathens in godless homosexual liberal cabal hub cities will remember the story of the Tower of Babel from our Sunday or, if our parents truly cared for our immortal souls, our home school days. This particular bible story, of course, imparts to us the almighty wisdom of segregation, and the reason for the varying languages in our modern times.

    There was a time, God tells us, when all of humanity spoke one global language. Instead of using this holy capacity bestowed upon us my our creator to gather together in worship of Him, men’s heads grew big and, in direct defiance of what was and is God’s will, began to think too much. They thought about each other and the earthly realm, sure. But what they thought of even more, what they obsessed about, was reaching God’s celestial kingdom. They dared to imagine a time when they could look God in his very eyes and speak to him as if they were equals. This, of course, displeased God. He had already had to punish humanity for a similar act of unimaginable hubris demonstrated by Eve in her dealings with the snake. Just as God did not want Eve to eat the apple, so he did not want men to think so much about how they could reach Him in his almighty celestial station.

    But mankind did not heed God’s will, and instead acted according their own arrogant wills, thinking and thinking about how they could reach Him. And then they started to build. They built and built and built and built. They built for whole lifetimes. They built a tower that stretched mightily into the heavens. God watched, and as he watched he became angry. His anger grew and turned to rage. Had he not let his children know his wish already, for them to lead a simple life of segregation, conflict and correct imagination tightly bound in the wire of heavenly obedience?

    God had had enough. He saw that with one global language, with unbridled imagination and team effort, humanity would undoubtedly reach any goal it set its mind to. Humanity would come knocking at his celestial door like so many misguided Jehova Witnesses. They had to be stopped. So God scattered all of the people across all corners of His earth and confounded their speech so that they could no longer communicate and cooperate in their unholy designs. The Tower of Babel fell into ruin, and God smiled.

    If it is not clear to us by now that God is tired of teaching us the same lesson, it should be. Yet over and over again there are those among us who are tempted into the arrogant and ungodly passions of amassing knowledge in science, languages, geography and other unholy subjects. Now I warn you all that God is once again becoming angry.

    We send rocket ship space trash hurtling into his celestial kingdom. We dare to stare into his kingdom with demonic space glass like so many peeping toms, to google map his earth for the satanic purpose of easily locating locating violent homosexual group pornography discs. NASA and all followers of the godless homosexual liberal scientific cabal be warned, your days of reckoning will come. Heed His almighty warning, already set before us in scripture. Put down your physics books and get out your bibles or expect an almighty brain scrambling the likes of which you can never imagine.

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