• Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Canoodling in Mexico, God Strikes Sinful Duo with 6.5 Earthquake!

    December 11, 2011 1:06 pm 6 comments

    Want to know how to make God angry!


    Have a horn dog Yoshi necked Snow Mexican try to dally the sally of a true Mexican on the sinful beaches of Acapulco!  Up above we see an image if the little twit Justin Bieber ‘busting a sag’ and trying to pull his pants down as he forces a Mexican hip breeder Selena Gomez to the ground!

    These two ‘singers’ try to act like Disney magic innocence even though they are the pied piper’s of autotuned damnation!

    Tender embrace: The amorous couples share a tender kiss during the ceremony

    Tickling the tamale spout of a Mexican!  How many sin childs will be aborted tonight with Plan Bieber!

    On the estimate of God’s anger for this act, you can visually see it is only a bit above 2500!  At this point, God might cause Bieber to get a back cramp or Selena to have an embarassing case of the below the belt enchilada momma daisy burps!  Don’t you females try to act like you don’t break wind from your unwashed fanny seperator flaps you sickos!

    If God wanted, by this point he could strike them both with lightning or a great hurricane, but he is patient.  He is mercy.  Maybe Mrs. Bieber will come fly her son back to Canada where he belongs?  Maybe Ms. Gomez will realize that La Migra doesn’t allow mixing of snow and jalapeno pepper womb baby poppers!

    Canadians are annoying.  Mexicans are lazy.  So there is nothing I want less than annoying, lazy caramel moochers sneaking into my backyard.  And I’m not racist, I just like following THE LAW OF MY COUNTRY.  Look at this image.  Imagine you are God and you already warned these sinners to stop unholy mouth kissing on camera!


    This is a preamble to musk tainting the gootch!  Bieber is rolling around like a big footed anorexic Yeti and Selena Gomez has the look of “Papi Papi Naughty Time” in her squinted eyes!  You can also see she is wearing a thong bikni and Bieber has nothing on under that towel!  This sinners are beyond frustrating God!

    Today you can see that the 6.4 – 6.5 earthquake correlates to God’s anger level of 6500.  They are lucky they didn’t do the horizontal polska or it would have been a 10 magnitude.

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