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    December 6, 2011 12:59 am 2 comments
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  • After a report in which I challenged poorly constructed domestic violence laws that are seeing too many men being put in jail for running a tight ship, I’ve received thousands of angry letters and event threats from pro-feminist litigators who threatened violence on me if I did not recant my words.

    To this very day I still maintain the simple truth I presented years ago.  There must be a degree of plasticity for men in their homes.  Men need to be able to provide a gentle tap upon the backside of their children and sometimes the lips of a mouthy wife to keep marriage, love and the nuclear family strong.  Without a strong captain at the helm, every ship is bound to wreck.  Without a respectful crew on board, only mutiny can take place.

    But there is one good point that my detractors did bring up.  What of the times when men go too far?  Those abusive sots out there who misuse their authority and aren’t just trying to use gentle discipline to get their family straight.  They are going way over the line and being touchy feely, perhaps getting far too emotional and attached.

    And these type of men are everywhere.  They are weak men.  Strong of hand and weak of courage.  They are not moral people.  And when you have one of these types in your life, women, there is a pretty easy way to take care of it.  Know they are liberals, hate commitment and likely do not respect the traditional values that made America strong.  Here is a way you scare away an abusive, liberal man.  The illustration shows it can also work for Hispanics (like if your daughter started dating the gardener, you should show this to her because she will need it).

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