• Sinful Man Shocked When Prostitute Turns Out to Be His Daughter

    December 4, 2011 8:14 pm 5 comments

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    Pat Heinkel


    Dear friends, pornography is drugs for the mind.   These words from Pastor Jack Gould’s perennial sermon on fidelity shall always remain true. . When you allow images of perversion to fill your person and psyche, it perverts the natural desires that God has planted deep within you, to be shared with your wife or husband.

    Today’s lesson is about a man who denied mankind’s purpose in life:  to live in devotion to God and to use our holy temples, our bodies, as ordained by the Word of God in the Bible.  The seed of man is not to be spilled by excitation of pixelated perversions or even worse, the gapped musts of a Pinoi prostitute.  The next time Satan tries to stiffen you with unnatural sins, remember this horrible story.

    Like one might expect, to explore this story we must journey to the land of Africa.  Full of witchcraft and untamed nature, it it surely a wild place where our ministry still must expand to bring the dark heathens into our white shining light of morality.

    A Zimbabwean named Titus Ncube one day decided that he wanted himself a prostitute.  Even though he lives in a land where he’s been ministered to by proper people of faith, he still denied doing what was right and engaged in sin.   He made a phone call to a hookering firm and they sent over a bed maid.

    Titus was also committing another sin.  Adultery.  When he opened his door, he got the biggest sucker punch from Satan right in the mouth.  The woman standing at his door was his 20-year-old daughter. 

    Upon seeing her father are ready for some perversion, the woman fled alway at typically fast African speeds and disappeared into the dead of night.  Ncube collapsed due to the overwhelming feeling of disgust from his sin.  When reached for an interview, the young woman said she was traumatized and planned to return to school instead of selling her body.

    Ncube’s wife is rightfully angry, saying that if it was not for her children ‘she would have divorced long ago’.

    The lesson today is simple my friends and this is namely for you men out there:  remember, every woman in pornography is someone’s daughter.  A young woman is not born with a desire to have herself exploited.  The entire industry is exploitive and by some odd turn in life, usually father issues or coercion, women are fractured and forced into selling their bodies.

    When you participate in this industry, you’re aiding a lifestyle that crushes the hopes and dreams of the human spirit.  You destroy yourself.  And most of all, you glorify Satan and furrow the brow of God with shame in what you do.

    Ncube’s life is ruined.  Do not let yours be next.

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