• Snooki Weight Loss Ponzi Scheme Results in Shocking $7 million dollar lawsuit

    December 20, 2011 6:05 pm 8 comments
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  • Because somehow being fat, drunk and slutty equals successful lifestyle in Obamanation:


    Snooki Passed Out

    In the images above we see a woman named “Snooki” and she is apparently an heir actress on a show called Jersey Show.  I’m assuming by all the dangling sally exposures, two much grease in the meatballsa hairlines and guido orange tan time that this show is about Italians living in our country.

    The main one on the show is “Snooki” and as you can imagine, she is loud and obnoxious.  She’s also fat and slutty.  Now if she would just go ahead and use those job skills to be another ghetto welfare momma who pops out babies and buys government food off my hard earned sweat, I could just leave all this alone and not care too much.

    That’s all I have to say about that so on to this celebrity news.  Fresh off the newswire, Snooki apparently setup a Ponzi scheme to steal several vats of Slim Fast from Weight Watchers.

    She must have really chugged this stuff like a diabetic ketoacidosis ravaged viking finding a water stein in the Sahara, because this girl went from Vitamin d whole milk sloshing belly nasties to looking like she is 2% milk.


    Snooki Weight Loss after chugging vats of Ponzi scheme acquired Slim Fast

    You can still smell the sin seeping off this picture and all the stolen product will cost it $7 million dollars, but at least there is hopes for you men out there who have been cursed with a fat wife!  Tell her if Snooki can do it, she better be able to do it too.

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