• Sofia Vergara Entices with ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’, Reveals Rump Butt Roast in See Through Leggings

    December 17, 2011 3:42 pm 10 comments

    Sofia Vergara is trying to entice your eyes right now.  She’s wearing hussy leather boots probably from Eastern russia.  All black with whoopy momma chains on them.  Then she’s trying to get the spirit of fornication a taste of rump roast with see through ‘leggings’.  I bet right now gays are stamping their foot like a horny bunny, just wanting to jump on her and avoid the scat and play sewer rat with her other hole.

    There was some point in time we could all take a women like this and put her out in the gallows.  I would grab the red paint and jump up and down with excitement, happily brandishing this Jezebel’s with a CRIMSON H for HOREDEMON.

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