• Stephen Harper and Canadians Heed Susan’s Warning, Ban Gay Marriage and Abortion

    December 15, 2011 3:31 am 9 comments
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  • The always hostile and always jealous secret border hopping Snow Mexicans of Canada have finally done something right. After Sister Susan Bxenu’s powerful article about the woes and follies of Canada in Oh Canada, Why Goes Hates You, there was natural Canadian angst-ridden teenage mentality rebellion and outrage. But now that Susan’s message has hit the homes of millions of Canadians, logic is taking order and there is hope that the Canadians do see why since 1812 they have been a cursed nation.

    The most promising sign for Canada is recent news that the backwood nation’s equivalent of a ‘president’, Stephen Harper, caught wind of Canada’s dismal fate and yesterday announced that Canada would move to ban abortion and gay marriage.

    John Creeton, Canada's former prime minister renown by staffers for having creepy and strange behavior, lamented Harper's recent decision to make 'Canada a nation not cursed by God'. Canadian liberals believe in public sodomy, Soviet apologetics, socialism, infanticide (abortion) and a one world government that yields to the British Royal family.

    Now while this does seem to be good news, many American conservatives are leary on the issue. The cold, barren and frigid wombs of typically unattractive Canadian women have naturally not been fertilized and therefore not pushing out babies over the last several decades, meaning Canada’s population has been in steady decline.

    To put it bluntly, Canadian birth is becoming rare and with the sedentary lifestyle of the snow-bound packs of people in the country, fatness of females is a very stark reality and 1 out of 3 Canadian men tend to be involved in some sort of homosexual relationship.

    So the reality of Harper’s new law could be that he wants to maximize the Canadian birthrate, as a means to harbor larger numbers of future Canadians and for every one Canadian, America is at risk of having one more illegal snowback sneak into our great country of opportunity.

    The other thing to consider is Canada’s former socialist liberal leader John Creeton.  Considered a ‘pervert’ by many in the Conservative party of Canada, Creeton was furious today and whined to Canada’s top journal the Globe and Mail.

    Creeton confirmed that Harper and the Canadian conservatives had read Susan Bxenu’s expose and immediately reacted, vowing to overturn Canada’s policy of allowable child infanticide and gay marriage.  Harper is also looking to denationalize Canada’s healthcare.  Only several months ago, many may recall Harper came to the United States to receive proper healthcare from a capitalist physician.

    All in all, Canada is still a cursed third world nation that basically sucks the teat of America.  With their biggest natural resources being Pam Anderson and Alan Thicke (who both came to America and became Americans to make a name for themselvs), it is no surprise that they simply resort to all living within 200 miles of our borders to garner a sense of self, entertainment and protection from our country.  Who can really blame them?

    But no matter how pathetic the country that could have been a US state may be, and no matter how much they may regret not yielding to the US government, we must hold them accountable as we do Mexico.  If we let Canadians continually slide over our unguarded border, they will only bring the socialist ideals and mental instabilities from a socizliation and value system way different than ours to this country, and will slowly nip away at our great democracy.  Let’s hope that Harper’s laws pass and these people can enter the road of recovery.

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