• STUDY: Women Driving Leads to Premarital Sex

    December 4, 2011 10:39 am 41 comments
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  • Every parent’s worst nightmare. Daughters out for a light night party cruise, bodies trussed up with deep alcohol plied in them by immoral frat boys and heading to a club where they will use fake IDs and snort cracked cocaine, and then go hang out with prowling blacks and get pregnant. Don’t think it can happen to your daughter? New reports show otherwise.

    For all of you parents out there who are thinking about letting your daughter behind the wheel, the newest study into the effects of women driving will make you want to think twice.

    For a parent, the stresses of having your precious child behind the wheel is overwhelming.  You have to wonder if their friends are talking them into doing wheelies in a parking lot or trying to get them to drink and drive or even more dangerous, smoke marijuane and drive.

    All of these things can result in your child smeared along the highway, a trail of flesh and entrails that is nothing more than a blip on the 10:00 news.  You’ll cry and wonder what your child’s last thought was all about.   It was about the flesh searing off their bodies.

    Now, if all that was not stressful enough, you have to worry even more if you are letting your daughter drive around in a car.  And this is not just because women are naturally bad drivers, but a new study shows that when you let a young woman drive she is more likely to have premarital sex behind your back and become pregant with an embarassing sinchild.

    This startling report was conducted by the high-level advisory group of Saudi Arabia.  At the behest of King Abdullah, the study was carried out to give all parents worldwide a good idea of how dangerous it is to let children die.

    Saudi Arabia is a nation that only recently overturned its ‘male’s only’ driving law, which has resulted in wild results.  Traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia have increased by 56% after women gained the right to drive.   Insurance premiums, per family, have increaed by 1000% fold.

    And even more startling, divorces have increased by a shocking 48%, with 18% of those divorces being due to the woman using the freedom of driving to carry out a marital affair.  Most of those cases have resulted in women having to be stoned for their transgressions against their husbands.

    And then, there is the issue of premarital pregancy.

    Renowned researcher Abu Alkhair stated the study was carried out by well-known academics, including mathmatician Kamal Subhi,  and presented to the Shura Council, one of the most respected statistical organizations on Earth.  There is proof that women driving leads to greater mixing of genders and that fact in itself results in more illicit sexual relations.


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