• The 6 BIG Lies

    December 29, 2011 10:24 pm 67 comments

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    My fellow Christians,

    As you know the new year is coming and if we don’t want it to be like 2011 we need to act now. Not once in its 6000 year history has the Earth been under such a threat. Now the liberal godless heathens and their media machine would have you believe that the threats are things like global warming, nucular holocaust, the economy and the like, but they, much like with their religious views, are wrong.

    The biggest threat to the planet is not following in the way of our all mighty savior Jesus. Prayer isn’t allowed in schools now, more people are ‘secular’, which is a term the non-believers use to make the rest of the world not view them as evil, they’re trying to take Christ out of our Christian holiday of Christmas, it has Christ in the word, and gays are getting to marry all over! What’s next? Animals marrying? People marrying furniture? We’re one step away from hell and the non-believers plan to trip us. We need to get back to the lord!
    Now I don’t know about everyone, but where I come from, America, we adhere strictly to the lord because we are a Christian nation. It says so right in the Constitution, that we have freedom to religion. The way the non-believers make it out to be is that there’s a separation between church and state, well that’s impossible. God is everywhere and made everything so there’s no way church can be separate from anything. If we can expose these lies we can take back our birthright to our Christian America. I will expose the biggest lies here in hopes of saving us in this upcoming year.

    Lie 1: America is not a Christian nation. As I said earlier that can’t be because God made everything so that means everything is Christian. The reason some places claim not to be is that they’re influenced by the devil and aren’t strong enough to believe in God and follow Christianity.

    Lie 2: We need to stop ravaging the planet if we want to survive. This lie is only a concern to non-believers, because if they actually believed they would know that this planet was given to us to do as we please because as long as we believe we will be in heaven with God at the end. God gave us free will to do as he said and use the planet as we see fit.

    Lie 3: Evolution. This is just plain wrong. How does it even work? When you go to a zoo and see the monkeys and believe that those baby monkeys will grow up into humans? And they call us delusional. Humans have more humans, monkeys have more monkeys and trees have more trees. That’s just how it works. If evolution were actually true anything could become anything that just doesn’t happen. That would mean that monkeys could actually think for themselves as if they had free will. Well they don’t, we humans do because we were created by God, from dirt and given free will to listen to him. Saying that we come from monkeys is just insulting.

    Lie 4: Birth control is a good thing. All those non-believers seem to want to do is stop life. Birth control and abortions aren’t natural, birth is. Take condoms for example. If my father would have used one, I wouldn’t be here to expose all these lies and bring our nation back to Christianity. Just think about how wrong those things are. Could you imagine tying a plastic bag over your child’s head until they suffocate and die? That’s the same thing as wearing a condom. In both cases all you’re doing is killing children. Masturbation is wrong for that reason as well. It’s just like leaving a kid out in the desert to dry up and die. And all those things they have for women to put in their bodies to stop pregnancies… that is so wrong and unnatural. If women need to put something in their bodies it should be the spirit of the lord. Remember ladies; let the lord come into you.

    Lie 5: The universe is billions of years old and was created from the big bang. This just can’t be. How do these scientists know? Were they there? I don’t think so. Something can’t come out of nothing. Spontaneous combustion my foot, God has been around forever that how we know that God created the universe. We believers also know this because God wrote exactly how it all happened. It took him 6 days to make everything and then one day of rest. Only an almighty all powerful God could build an entire universe in 6 days, and because he is so almighty he knew to take a vacation to rest on the 7th day. This lie is also a part of lie 3. Evolution can’t be because according to the same scientists who lie about this, evolution takes millions of years to work. Since the universe is only around 6000 years old, there’s no way millions of years could have past, which means we lived with the dinosaurs. The only reason we survived is because we believed in God and the dinosaurs didn’t.

    Lie 6: Homosexuals and gay marriage isn’t a bad thing and being gay isn’t a choice. This is the biggest and worst lie ever. Homosexuality is a direct affront to God. Remember, God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Men are meant to be with women, that’s why they term things as male and female, like extension cord. The male end goes into the female end. A male end can’t go into a male end. Don’t get me started on anal sex. If things were right in the world it would cause people to spontaneously combust upon doing it. It’s called sodomy for a reason. It’s a bad thing and it is named after Sodom, which was an evil city that God destroyed. Hence, God will destroy anyone who participates in sodomy.

    Just as homosexuals are unnatural, so is gay marriage. Marriage is between a man and a woman, not a man and a man. That’s how it’s been for thousands of years and when something isn’t broke you don’t need to fix it.

    Since we’ve concluded that God is almighty, all knowing, and all powerful, he can’t create anything that is unnatural, and since homosexuality is unnatural people can’t be born homosexuals. That leaves it as a choice and nothing else. This is really simple logic that I find it pitiful that people can’t understand it.

    I know there’s all kinds of other lies out there like that Jesus isn’t American and Obama is. I mean just listen to their names. Jesus Christ, Barak Obama, you tell me which one sounds foreign. These are the big six and now that these big six lies have been exposed we can make 2012 the most Christ filled year ever and take back our country in the name of God!

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