• The Cleveland Show: How One Jew Turned Blacks into America’s Dancingest Rape-Folk

    December 28, 2011 10:13 am 41 comments

    The Cleveland Show is a racist show on TV that is written by a Jewish. We all know that the Jews and Blacks have been at war since Malcom X took charge of the Black Aryan Nation after Martin Kingsford died. How did this war ever get so awful, that even FOX Television, not FOX NEWS (the only un-biased source of news on TV) became involved? Well, let me explain the problems between the blacks and jews for you. Now, I am no Historian, but I have a Jew friend and employ a Black, so I think I am pretty well versed in their history.

    In the early days of around 5000 B.C., only 1000 years after the World was Created by God, the Jews became enslaved by the Blacks (or as they were known then, Egyptians). These “Egyptians tortured the Jews so badly, that God had to get involved, and he brought down 10 plagues on the Blac..err..Egyptians. This allowed the Jews to get a head start, but because they are unathletic and were not making money by running away, they decided to have a picnic by a river or Ocean. The “Egyptians” caught up to them and the Jews had to be rescued by a White, Christian man named Moses who happened to have been captured as a slave. Moses raised his well crafted American walking stick, and God saw that an American was asking for help, and he parted the waters of the Red Sea. Still, to this day, the Jews worship Moses instead of God or Jesus, thus proven that America is the new Chosen Land.

    This history lesson brings me back to the original article. Seth Green, the writer of Family Guy and The Cleveland show, is a Jew. He is also only 5′ 3″ tall. It is not wrong to be Jewish, as we have learned from the “Jews for Jesus”, and it isn’t wrong to be short, as we have learned from…

    So, Seth Green writes this awful new Children’s cartoon called “The Cleveland Show”. This show puts Rednecks, Homogays, Bestialitiers, and Blacks together in one show, and it shows no remorse either.

    The Characters interact with each other like water and oil, just flowing off of each other, while never pointing out the fact that they have a TALKING BEAR living in their neighborhood. I know it is tough in a Black ghetto, but having a Bear living next door is going to cause problems. You couple this with the main character “Clevaland” having a gay son and the “house of cards” has to fall sometime. Here is a video of his gay son “Junior” raping against Kayne-Z the “Cool Raper”:

    If that wasn’t bad enough, Clevaland’s wife named Donna, has an Ex-Husband named “Roll’em” (obviously a racist term from the Jew writer). He is very afraid of going back to jail, and constantly puts Clevaland in his criminal pursuits with him, in order to blame Clevaland. “Roll’Em” has nightmares every night that they seem to require to be shown, although they are awful. Here is his nightmare (I have edited it for your Christian enjoyment). I still request all Women and Children leave the room, because even edited sex seems like real sex to slower brainwaves.

    Based on what I have proven with facts, the Blacks and Jews still hate each other, and I am sickened by it. All races need to be more tolerant of each other. Be more like the White Species, and there will be no more wars.

    I call on Seth Green and his lesser counterpart Seth MacFarlane from Robot Chicken on Adult Swim to “END THIS RACISM!!!” You two have a pulpit to preach to the World from, and you choose to preach racism and hatred. I will continue to pay that you will see the light of God.

    I actually started to respect these two “Seth’s, and appreciate Black Culture, until I saw this video:

    Now I realize that Seth Green is just a Racist, Midget Atheist.

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