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    December 12, 2011 10:07 pm 56 comments
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  • Yakami-chan, the one and only back again with another fun report ^.^.
    This one took a while for me to come up with but I was flipping threw some old school books of mine and decided to type an article that has to do with the Japanese language. I for one am able to speak and write four languages, Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese. Out of all four I prefer Japanese, but not because it is my native language but because it is alot smoother sounding (To Me) at least.

    First off, lets talk about the history behind this wonderful language. Similar to other languages such as English, French, Italian, German being based of of Latin, Japanese is based off of Chinese.

    The Japanese is written with a combo of three scripts: Kanji(Chinese characters) and two syllabic scripts of adapted Chinese characters Hiragana and Katakana. The worst thing in gradeschool was learning Hiragana it was really difficult compared to Katakana and Kanji. :(

    Japanese is an agglutinating language, adding information such as negation, passive voice, past tense, honorific degree and causality in the verb form. Common examples would be hatarakaseraretara (働かせられたら), which combines causative, passive or potential, and conditional conjugations to arrive at two meanings depending on context “if (subject) had been made to work…” and “if (subject) could make (object) work”, and tabetakunakatta (食べたくなかった), which combines desire, negation, and past tense conjugations to mean “(subject) did not want to eat”.

    I hope this article help some of you out, if not i just want you to know I wrote this for my own amusement ^_^ I get bored easily.
    バイバイはすぐに会います(^ _ ^)/

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