• The Legacy & Irony of America’s First President of Color

    December 16, 2011 1:13 am 11 comments
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  • WASHINGTON, DC – Yesterday the White House announced that President Obama will sign NDAA 2012 into law now that its authors have removed language that would’ve restricted the president’s authority on “handling of high-value terrorist detainees.” Once Obama signs the bill, which codifies Martial Law, he effectively removes Due Process as a right guaranteed American citizens. Language called “intentionally vague” gives the government a wide birth to use its discretion, in essence, to do as it pleases with American-citizen detainees.

    Showing contempt for the Oath of Office mandated by the US Constitution which Obama took prior to executing the office of President, which states, “to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” his signing NDAA 2012 codifies Martial Law by legally defining all 50 American states as a “battlefield” upon which the War on Terrorism is being fought daily.

    Next the bill will give full authority over the military, law enforcement, and judicial branches of government solely to the President. He alone will decide what is and is not “suspicious” when determining if… “Americans can be apprehended without charge and held indefinitely without trial.” This language was insisted upon by President Obama who threatened to veto the bill if this text was removed.

    Never in the history of the United States has the President ever been granted so much power to rule. Never before have American citizens been striped of their common identity and dignity and denied Due Process on US soil. In order to achieve sole authority over the “battlefields” of the very neighborhoods and communities where we all live, Obama had to achieve one thing I’m stunned more American citizens aren’t quite literally up in arms over.

    NDAA 2012 once inked by Obama reduces every American to the legal status of a subject, thereby revoking our very citizenship! With the swipe of one man’s pen, we all become subjects of the United States, not citizens. Ironic isn’t it? America’s great black hope for the future, by reducing us to the legal status of subjects (being a person or nation subject to another by force, or a person under control or dominion of another) is guilty of moving America as close to slavery as it has ever been since the 13th Amendment became Law in 1865.

    The great black hope of change will forever be branded by his legacy as a Godless, corrupted man who fell in the face of Terrorism. Obama by defining our communities and towns as “battlefields” has brought the War on Terrorism to the Shores of the United States and disgraced the American people. This isn’t quite what I had in mind for “change” when Obama fucked me at the polling place for my vote. Not again!

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