• The My Tram Experience Video Lady Is a Hero

    December 2, 2011 5:23 pm 23 comments
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  • A video has gone viral of a 34 year old woman on a train being surrounded and threatened by illegal immigrant African bushman going tribal on the train. While we do not condone her liberal use of the f word (she was probably only speaking in a language they can understand) we commend her for being brave and telling it like it is.

    These criminals from Africa have no place in western civilization. We have no interests in their cannibalism or their terror. Just because a Muslim Kenyan is now president does not mean it’s okay for them to immigrate into our peaceful and tolerant lands.

    Africans sided with Hitler and Mussolini in World War 2. They then sided with the soviets during the cold war. Next they ruined South Africa. And now they support Al Qaeda terror regimes. We must confine these people to their lands. Lone gone are the wonderful ones who made our syrup and picked our cotton. Now they only gang bang with bling and rape our civilization.

    Hats off to Emma West, a former dental receptionist and mother. Bless you and your bravery. Remain strong.


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