• The Rise In Feminism Is Causing The Homosexuality Boom in America

    December 7, 2011 4:45 am 5 comments

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    The Haircut of the Beast

    Satan has been infiltrating the minds of the naturally weak minded female species since the beginning of the human race, but within the past century he’s been really gaining a foothold. Of course, I am referring to the morally bankrupt, home-wrecking and downright abominable feminist movement. The godless homosexual liberal feminist cabal has now proclaimed feminism to be in its third wave which means that besides the tireless gleefully bloody handed baby-killing, it’s added a new item to its agenda -promoting homosexuality and the total destruction of the hot-blooded American male.

    With Satan by their side, these mulleted maniacs have created an infectious social culture which has greatly overvalued the earthly burden that is femininity and shunned all signs of the vastly superior masculinity, driving men to feminine behaviors such as “manscaping”, wearing such unholy garments as “skinny jeans” and setting men on the slippery slope toward transexual pornography addiction and violent homosexual group sex.

    In place of the real hot-blooded American male, feminists have put the butch lesbian. Donning mullets -the haircut of the beast, not even touching a stitch of make-up, and even daring to talk out of turn in the presence of men, these women have crossed all gender lines and have created a climate of confusion and mixed up sexuality for children and vulnerable Christian men who have not been spending enough time reading the bible, an activity which naturally raises testosterone levels and protects against the disease of homosexuality.

    Victims of this demonic culture, once afflicted with the disease of homosexuality, cannot be cured on their own but require intervention from members of the church community. Believing the afflicted, once he is has contracted the disease of homosexuality, that he will control his demonic urges is naive and ill-advised. The homosexual mind is incapable of truth and reason. The diseased individual, once discovered, should be immediately quarantined and delivered to a homosexual rehabilitation center where prompt and highly focused therapies can be administered to the individual.

    Reversal of the demonic cultural trajectory is impossible and is not advised to be attempted. Christians should simply await the nearing Apocalypse and ensuing holy war after which the Earth will be cleansed of all filth as all sinners are banished to the Lake of Fire and the Universe is restored to its natural holy heterosexual order as our God almighty always intended.

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