• The Sexual Scandal Pokemon, Meloetta: Where To Find It!

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    The pokemon games, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, have come out with a whole new set of pokemon for our children to catch, train, and battle. In addition to the recent discoveries in the drug related themes throughout the previous generations of pokemon, a new discovery points to the games using sexual themes.

    The First of these sexually oriented pokemon that caught my eye was, Gothitelle. This pokemon is a Gothic type, as well as a Dark type.

    Gothic Pokemon, Gothitelle

    Now, from what I understand, this Gothic type pokemon and its two other previous forms use the powers from a pokemon linked to the dark lord himself, Satan, to battle other pokemon. This Fire and Dark type pokemon is called, Darmanitan. It also has a previous form, from which it evolved. The Darmanitan get their powers from Satan himself and then give it to the Gothic pokemon. The Gothic pokemon lure other pokemon trainers, as well as, other pokemon in the wild to their lairs in which they perform satanic rituals.

    Fire and Dark Pokemon, Darmanitan

    The Gothitelle lure other pokemon and their trainers by using spells to disguise their gothicness and give the portrayal of another pokemon that looks appealing, such as Gardivoir. Then, the Gothitelle snatch the trainer and the pokemon that come in reach of its grasp.


    The pokemon that I believe is behind all of the scandalous sex scandals of the pokemon world, is Meloetta. The Monica Lewinsky of the pokemon world, Meloetta is the skankiest of the pokemon and not only is it a sexually scandalous pokemon, but it is also a legendary one at that!

    This pokemon is the hardest to find in the games. The reason being is that it has two forms: The Aria Form and the Pirouette Form.

    These forms make the pokemon harder to find in the games because of the two different areas you can find it. One area to find the first form of Meloetta is an area called Castellia City. Here, if you venture far enough through the alleyways you’ll come across some drug dealers. Then take a right at the crack-cocaine house and there it’ll be waiting to give your character the best lap-dance ever! If you succeed the lap-dance you can battle it and catch it like any of the other pokemon in the game. Though, this pokemon may prove to be difficult for some players of the games they never give up once they’ve had that lap-dance.

    Meloetta in mid-lap-dance

    The Pirouette form can be found at the nearest brothel of the same city. Simply follow the docks where the boats are located and take the last street past the same crack-cocaine house and this time take a left. go down three more alleyways and it’ll be waiting for you. Now, instead of giving your character a lap-dance like the first form did, this one wants you to give her some tongue whispers. As we can see she is completely exposing herself to your character just like in the game. The game will give your character a few options. Those are for the players to answer from there.

    Meloetta Pirouette exposing her meat wallet.


    After all I have covered about these sexually scandalous pokemon, I would hope you take heed to my warnings and help your children get back into things like church, and school. Help them become the men and women to help put this country back together! We can’t have the men and women, especially women, luring their bosses and managers into their offices and letting the men give them tongue whispers every lunch hour, now can we?

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