• Thinking Tea – Should a Candidate’s Health Insurance Cost to Taxpayers Determine the Next President?

    December 15, 2011 12:08 am 8 comments
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  • Aside from the tenet of YOYO (you’re on your own) senior medical entitlements for American citizens, conservative Tea Party members demand a lowest cost government. That means that every political decision, including electing a President, really comes down to a cost decision. As all Americans understand, thanks to the tea party patriots, providing healthcare for government workers and unions has broken this country. This same thinking needs to be applied to the highest office of the United States.

    Which of the Republican and incumbent candidates would be a low cost leader in healthcare costs for taxpayers? The results may surprise you!

    The President who is not President Bush can be immediately ruled out on this one. Because his household includes himself and three women, his rate will be the highest. Sure the first family might eat right and exercise, appear to be in good health and are not obese but there are three women in the family. As Newt Gingrich pointed out, women “get infections”. Infections cost money, my friend, and that means higher taxes for you and me. We must also remember the President who is not President Bush used to smoke cigarettes before Bush killed Osama Bin Laden. COST TO TAXPAYERS – $150 for every American household.

    Speaker Newt Gingrich looks like he ate a fat pony. That man knows his way around the House of Representatives and a buffet table. Why should American taxpayers pay for his healthcare twice as a retired congressman and president just because he weighs as much as two men? While coverage would only be for him and his wife, she is not subject to infection due to a moisture deficiency. COST TO TAXPAYERS – $104 per American Household.

    Mitt Romney avoids alcohol, caffeine and dresses in special warm undergarments. He has no health issues and has never smoked. Because of the Mormon faith, he believes Eden is somewhere in Jackson County, Missouri. He is at high risk for depression and mental anguish when he finally visits and sees the place. COST TO TAXPAYERS $76 per American Household.

    Rick Perry had back surgery recently. As we all know, back problems are a what put that angel voiced Rush Limbaugh on the drug wagon. I’m afraid the great hope from Texas is a high rehab risk due to an existing condition, which would mean we the taxpayers don’t have to provide him healthcare after he repeals Obamacare. COST TO TAXPAYERS $0.

    Ron Paul is a medical doctor. He appears to be in excellent health and is in good standing with the American Medical Association. In addition to being quite able to provide his own medical care he could also see patients, including delivery babies, in the situation room and the oval office at no additional cost and thus cut the cost of healthcare for government workers! REBATE TO AMERICAN TAX PAYERS $250 per American Household.

    Clearly Ron Paul would yield the greatest bang for the taxpayer than any other candidate.

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