• Twilight and Homosexuality: Team Jacob Werewolf Taylor Lautner Confesses He Is Gay, Twilight is Gay Recruitment Tool

    December 27, 2011 2:01 am 35 comments

    I hate to say I told you so, but for you Twilight-allowing parents out there who are now crying because your son or daughter is gay only have yourselves to blame.  I preached for nearly a decade to not allow your child to view the filthy movies and books “Twilight” by Wiccan author JRK Tolkien.

    I told you the words were nothing but a festival of witchcraft, sodomy orgies, vampire blood rituals and danger to your child’s immortal soul.  You all failed to heed my words and now you will pay the price as you have to listen to your child’s brainwashed soul cry from hell for eternity.

    Today we learned one fact I knew for years:  Taylor Lautner is a howling veil wolf of homosexuality.  In People magazine, the boy who plays “Team Jacob” admitted he is part of the gay agenda.  Not like having a colon rompus with the gay Disney magic tinkerbell sparkle vampire Edward Colon (the name should be proof enough it’s gay) was not all the proof we need, but  Lautner thought he’d add the sugar plummed with confectinos of anal sins confession to the mix.

    Take an eye fest of this evidence:

    Well colored me surprised.  Not!

    What really upsets me here is that so many of you fought me tooth and nail, trying to claim this man was normal and was in no way a howling homosexual, when all the proof was in the pudding.  I cried and pleaded for you parents to shield your child’s eye from this barrel chested Mexican sancho rancho but you denied my warnings.

    I worked hard.  I wrote magazine articles and posted the proof, as seen here:

    I fought with Twilight’s producer to bring you the truth, as seen here.

    And I even fought with Billy Burke on Twitter, which LA Weekly mediated for us:

    After all of this, and hundreds of other articles, sermons and videos I have done on the dangers of Twilight, you parents still tried to claim I was giving false journalism and that the Jacob Lautner werewolf boy was not some gay animal hair fetish character, when now we see we were right all along.

    So to you parents who are now eating CROWE’s PIE, good riddance to your gay offspring!  I would say I’ms orry, but I TOLD YOU SO!  Do not let your children see this filthy!  This movie is FILITH and RATED S FOR SINISTER BY ME FOR A REASON!!!

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