• Vampire-Like Super-Strong Homosexual Immortals to Battle Us In Our Homes and In Washington

    December 10, 2011 11:26 am 31 comments
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  • Satanists at work

    We all know that God in His almighty wisdom created AIDS to rid our world of the homosexual plague it has been suffering since the liberals first created faggotry in the 1960s. Without liberal intervention, faggotry would have been wiped out by 1993. But stubbornly, liberal homosexual filth had to continue its crusade against righteousness using Satan-worship, liberal propaganda and any means necessary to fight God’s will, including infiltrating the medical establishment and developing antibiotics which temporarily stave off the deadly effects of homosexual cancer.

    Good Christians working at pharmaceutical companies will be proud to admit that they have historically worked hard to keep AIDS medications out of the reach of homosexuals by keeping costs high, knowing that any homosexual who has to choose between spending his money on meth or on medication for his homocancer will unfalteringly choose meth. (This is due to the nature of homosexuality as a degenerative brain disease which removes the power of higher reasoning.) This method of homosexual containment succeeded for at least a decade and the body count thankfully remained high. But when the gays joined Blacks on the welfare lines, nearly bankrupting the American heartland with their greedy liberal embezzlement, the choice between meth and homocancer treatments no longer had to be made and there was a pitiable shortage of liberal bodies in the gutters and morgues of our fair nation. Regrettably, homosexuals lived on to infiltrate the American heartland and infect its children with lies and propaganda, creating the boom in homosexual satanism we are enduring today.

    Now, in what might go down in history as the most startling abomination against God since he placed us on this planet so many thousands of years ago, the liberals have cured the AIDS of one “San Franciscan” with the help of Satan and his gene manipulation trickery. If this news were not frightening enough, according to the liberal cabal’s own socialist rag, The New York Times, when the unrepentant homosexual’s treatment was completed he happily declared, “I felt like Superman.”

    If it is not clear to you what is happening, it should be. These scientists not only defied God’s will in curing the AIDS but they have also been experimenting on this man in hopes of creating an entire race of quasi-human genetically mutated homosexual abominations, likely for the ultimate purpose of fighting the final battle against the righteous at Armageddon. Using gene manipulation trickery, satanists have created one “superfag” and will undoubtedly create more, infused with the strength of bulls and the underwater cunning of Satan’s glowing water serpents. What’s worse is these creatures will be impossible to kill, having been spliced together with the genes of steel, platinum and other tough metallic substances. Being part metal, they will be unlikely to need sleep and will be able to prey on Christians at all hours of the night. Even shooting these unholy creatures directly in the eye will be little more than an annoyance to them as the bullet will simply compact into itself upon contact like a beer can under the foot of a socialist pro-recyclist.

    Pay heed. Liberals will stop at nothing, even collaborating with Orientals, to achieve a race of vampire-like super-strong homosexual immortals to battle us in our homes and in Washington, working to outlaw Christian prayer in homes and in schools and surviving off of the flesh of aborted children, or what satanists like to call “stem cells”. (Liberals admit they need and crave said human flesh for their gene manipulation trickery.)

    Brothers and Sisters, I cannot hide that I am becoming terrified in our current political climate. Liberal satanists perpetrated this abomination right under our noses, knowing we would not touch their godless liberal cabal hub cities if someone paid us. They used this fact to work in secret and to commit atrocities against God. I grow so weary of the battle against this filth, and yet we must fight on. It is clear it is no longer safe for us to stay off of the streets of San Franciso and New York. We must penetrate the secrets contained within as violently as these homosexuals penetrate each other’s anuses in their underground group pornography discs. It will take infiltration and intense daily prayer to set our fair nation back on the right track. Please join me, Brothers and Sisters. And praise be.

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    Jane McDermott Homosexual rehabilitation specialist, homeschool teacher, bake saler. I live in Colorado Springs, CO with my loving family and attend New Spirit Christian Church every Sunday, sometimes twice.

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