• Veena Malik’s Photo Causes Major Controversy in Palestine

    December 4, 2011 3:28 am 2 comments

    FHM India

    Bored with all the revolutions and burning effigies of Obama, a group of typical Arabs browse the internet to find something else to get angry about and find racy pictures of Veena Malik with an offensive tattoo.  Oh, the humanity.

    Arabs are up in typical arms again, this time making a big deal about an actress named Veena Malik’s photo which was used to make a political statement.

    Nevermind that Malik was not wearing all the terror clothing and allegedly had her body in the buff in the latest FHM magazine, her hands strategically positioned to make her body more pert and appealing to the man’s eye.

    On her arm, Malik put a tattoo that said “SIRI ISI”, a reference to a feminist group that has been using the new SIRI device to promote abortion.

    While such an act would not cause such outrage in a progressive society like America, it is so sad and sick to see the Arabs are such bigots they do not respect a women’s right to her own body.  Instead of celebrating the female as God’s gift to man, they subdue the woman as if she’s an old rusty lawnmower.  Every sound a woman makes to an Arab man sounds like the coughs and sputters of an old lawnmower engine, blowing smoke and at risk of having the throttle choked if it doesn’t stop acting up.

    Here in America, we would have sat the actress down on a nice talk show and let her discuss her point of view and support of radical feminists.

    The Veena Malik controversy is pretty much out of hand now, with Malik having to deny that she even took the photos which are now in FHM.  She likely has to do this so she will not get stoned or lashed, as is required by the non-Christian and therefore violent Shariah Law system.

    Let’s hope this actress motions to take refuge in America where she can surely be a starlet and testify about why freedom in America is something every Arab women should want for herself, her daughters and the rest of her family.  The more Arabs alienate their popular stars like this, the better chance that their people will thirst for the America’s fluid capitalism to reign in their society.

    And the more they thirst for us, the more they will let us cheaply thirst for that nice oil they are hoarding.

    She also sports a large tattoo bearing the letters ”ISI” on her arm, referring to Pakistan’s omnipresent intelligence agency.

    The cover has sparked outrage in Pakistan and by Saturday had become a top trending topic on Twitter.

    ”A disgusting & shameful act by Veena Malik, she should be banned in pakistan for life time,” tweeted Fatima Shuja.

    However, Malik, 27, emphatically denies posing naked for the magazine.

    ”It came to me as a big shock and I am really upset. The photo is morphed! I never shot the picture like this, I got it clicked with some clothes on,” she said.

    ”My lawyer is looking into the matter and we plan to take legal action against the magazine for ruining my image.”

    FHM India’s editor, Kabeer Sharma, said nothing had been doctored by the magazine and Malik had posed naked.

    ”We have video footage of the shoot as well as emails from Veena about how she’s looking forward to the cover,” Kabeer Sharma told the BBC.

    ”The idea to have ISI written on her arm was mine, and it was Veena’s idea to have it in block letters,” he added.

    The cover has stirred up so much furor that the Pakistani government has weighed in, with Interior Minister
    Rehman Malik saying that his department would look into the matter.

    ”If she has done so, she did wrong. But, these pictures are tempered many times and we will look into this issue,” he said, according to AFP.

    Some however were taking a different stand, The Times of India reported.

    Twitter commentator Umair Javed urged Pakistanis to ”make copies of the picture and bury it in your backyard. This way, our grandkids will know there were some amongst us who lived free!”

    Malik previously stirred controversy in Pakistan by appearing on an Indian reality TV show in 2010 and by publicly challenging a Pakistani cleric earlier this year.

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