• What the Mexican touristic industry DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW!!

    December 13, 2011 10:42 pm 47 comments
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  • After a recent trip to Mexico with my wife and family of two I have just returned from that hell hole. My wife and daughters are still sick from food poisoning. During my stay in a resort of fairly good advertised quality (over there a four star resort is the equivalent of the jerry’s 2 hour for 15 $ special motels of this world) this is a place that is supposed to cater to American tourists, me and my family noticed a number of things that the Mexican touristic industry hush and do not want you to know!

    1: Groping and menacing airport staff. Upon arriving at the Mexican airport my wife and daughters were groped and body searched by menacing looking male security enforcers and frigid and brutally mannered female staff. This is apparently the norm for American tourists as I saw no other Canadian or euro tourists being stopped and body searched by vile groping hands.

    2: Food grown on human shit. The Mexican food they will serve you is grown on human shit. That’s right; they grow all the vegetable and fruits food using human shit as fertilizer. And when you select a fruit or an uncooked vegetable at the touristic buffet, you can actually smell and see the human shit still on the item. Some items actually tasted like they were imbibed in the armpit sweat of Mexicans working in the blazing hot kitchens. Goodness knows what they do with the food in the secret of their dirty sweaty third world butcher shop of a kitchen. Goodness knows what species of hairs you can find in that vile hole of a kitchen where they serve you food that smells like a garbage fire.

    3: Scorn of Christian religion: I was actually asked to stop praying as me and my family were giving grace at supper because the staff found it incommoding to other guests, and were laughed at by brown atheist Canadian tourists. The rude waiter told me ‘’ sir can you wait until you are in your hotel room to do this’’ unbelievable!

    4: whores! That’s right whores accosted me and my wife and actually asked if I wanted to have a good time with one of them, IN front of my wife and daughters! I witnessed a huge and disgusting Russian man leave with two of the other whore’s that were there (offering their services to people as young as teenagers)we then saw the huge Russian man drifting in the pool with a beer and the two whores the rest of our stay.

    5: Gays! Our resort actually had a gay roman themed party, where a bunch of European gay couples could be seen entering the main buffet dressed in white ‘’roman’’ themed drapery, all to the bewildered looks of normal family and guests that had to stare away in disgust.

    6: Theft! They actually stole shampoo money and clothing from our suitcases at the airport and when complained we were told to: stop lying mister! And I was threatened with arrest and threatened to be thrown in one of their sodomite jails if I did not shut up about it.

    7: Solicitation, while lying on their mediocre artificial beach opened to the Mexican locals, a weird Mexican approached me and my wife, woke us up from our nap and demanded if he could have our children’s clothing!
    The list if I would go on would be to long but you get the picture, I will never be returning to this hell whole and I urge good bible abiding families to do the same. If you don’t mind the list of events that the Mexican touristic industry caters to, and if you don’t mind human shit in your meals, then Mexico is the place to go for a nice family vacation.

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