• WHEN EMOSEXUALS ATTACK: Christwire and Sister Susan Insulted by a Mouth Herpes Infested Bryan Stars, Artisan News, and other Emosexuals

    December 21, 2011 8:12 am 239 comments

    Yesterday I wrote an article on a young emosexual named Bryan Stars that has a youtube channel where he tells young emosexuals the news about their favorite emosexual bands and interview emosexual bands. Unlike most emosexuals who dress in transgendered ways, this young Aryan dresses like a clean cut upstanding young man. But below his pastey white aryan skin likes the heart of a satanic devil worshiping emosexual.

    Like most emosexuals, when you shine the light of God upon them they attack like satanicly possessed Honey Badgers. Since all emosexuals are weak bodied and weak minded children, he lashed out in yet another youtube video.

    WARNING: The following video includes content depicting explicit scenes of emosexuality. Christian Parental Discretion is suggested. Please send the unsaved from the room.

    This video is four minutes and thirty six seconds of pure unadulterated filth. The only decent parts are when he reads from my article on Ronnie Radke and his emo band “Falling On Reverse“. In this video he discusses:

    Having sex with black women in prison.

    Says that I am “full of sh*t”.

    Getting dominated from both ends, and over used sex toys.

    He even dares to calls Christwire.org readers “whores” and “c*ck suckers” something that I am sure he is well aware of by looking at the size of his mouth herpes on his upper lip. Bryan, your mouth herpes tell me that your mouth is indeed very filthy.

    He goes on to call us “pathetic” and says that our website “looks like sh*t”. He dares question the dirtiness of his mouth when it spews such vile and hateful words? If he were my grandson (and thank God he isn’t) I would take him over my knee and wash his mouth out with a big bar of Dial soap. I wonder if his mother let alone his grand mother knows the filth that comes out of his little pervert mouth. He should be ashamed.

    Unfortunately this is not the only emosexual attack upon Christwire and I today. Two young emosexual users posted youtube videos and were so shamed in the comments sections by friends and family that they were removed. One video that has not yet been removed by spiritually shamed posters, is this one from Artisan News:

    It seems that Christwire is surrounded on all sides by evil. But I know that in the end we will be triumphant, because JESUS is on our side.

    Please stay tuned to Christwire as your source for christian news and opinion, and to read more from me click here. Thank you and God bless.

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