• When You Say “Happy Holidays”, You Destroy More Than Just The Sanctity Of Christian Dominance in America, Proof of the Defiance of the Seven Deadly Sins by Liberals

    December 22, 2011 7:04 pm 74 comments

    The politically correct liberals like to “be inclusive”. They believe this is more important than Jesus. Why? They’re liberals. It’s a cult, people. They’re brainwashed, like the South Koreans under Kim Jong. Now as you can see by my (New!!!!!) profile picture on here, I am a White, Christian, Heterosexual Male. Liberals hate people like you and me. They are trying to assassinate the Good, Moral Holiday Christmas, and are doing so with the phrase “Happy Holidays” instead of the more suitable “Merry Christmas!” This is a threat to Christianity, but even moreso, Our Moral Values. Saying “happy holidays” in fact invokes every deadly sin.

    Above is a jewish candle holder for hanuka, a jewish holiday that the liberals, largely driven by jewish money, would like recognition for. Hanuka is basically just like Christmas with candles and without Jesus. Essentially, hanuka was founded by a group of jewish bankers, creating a ponzi scheme for them to make eight times the money. This defies greed. Christianity is anti-greed. Christmas is about Thanks and Jesus, unlike hanuka.

    If you tell a liberal, “Merry Christmas!”, like a Decent Human Being, it will berate you for not being an atheist homogay enabler. Liberals are easy to provoke. They are deluded. They are deluded into thinking that lifestyles like feminists, homogays, atheists, scientists and hipstersexuals are legitimate lifestyles that are “Gifts of Nature”. They hate Christians and Republicans because they are narrow minded hypocrites. Everytime an obnoxious liberal speaks to me, they invoke the deadly sin wrath. Two out of seven so far.

    Some of the most vile liberals are the hipstersexuals. While you and your Family may be sitting by the Christmas fire talking about how much you Love each other and Jesus, the hipstersexuals will be complaining that Christmas, a Good, Moral Holiday, is too mainstream, and instead they are whining about each other for festivus like the liberal brats on CNN. They brag about their “Difference” and how much Better they are than we Christians. There is a clear problem and the hipstersexuals exert their superiority complex at a time when we are supposed to be Praying and Spending Time With The Family. The Hipstersexuals do the third sin, pride.

    Saturnalia is an ancient greek orgy that traditionally took place in the winter. You may ask, “But Dear Brother Christopher, how do you know it was an orgy?”, to which I respond, they’re greek. It’s always an orgy in ancient greece. They had no reservations. People would fornicate anywhere and everywhere, with homosexuality and bestiality to everything in between happening everywhere you looked. When you say “happy holidays” you acknowledge this sinfest. Saturnalia supports the forth deadly sin, lust.

    The other day, I was at Barnes and Noble buying a special edition Bible for my Minister for Christmas. The cashier was a negro and he said that he celebrates kwanzaa. So that got me thinking, what do the Afro-Saxons do during kwanzaa? According to the interweb, they feast. According to the interweb, the jews feast for hanuka. According to the interweb, in medieval europe there was something called “Feast of Fools”. And then I realized something. All of the anti-Christian holidays support gluttony!

    Why do all of these atheist holidays occur during Christmas? Methinks they’re jealous. After all, we Christians get to Rejoice in Christ and they get to Rejoice in sin. It’s secretly hard for them. The Power of Christ Compels them to do Christmas but they resist. They create a flimsy attempt at Christmas in a resignation of envy. I laugh at the weakness of the seculars.

    The other day I was at Wal-Mart buying a Gift for my nephew. I overheard two teenagers. They were talking about Christmas. My Smile grew Bigger, because I Love Christmas. But then I heard what they were actually talking about. They were talking about sleeping in on Christmas! I couldn’t Believe it. Christmas is a day for spending time with your Family in Church! Not sleeping in! It seems they’ve been brainwashed by the liberal agenda into thinking sloth is acceptable! The world is degenerating!

    My advice to all of you is to remember what Christmas is about. Don’t fall into the trap of saying “happy holidays”. Uphold the Christian Values and don’t invoke the seven deadly sins. Merry Christmas to all of my Christian Comrades!

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