• White Blood Cell Chases Bacteria, Could This Bring Home for Curing Gay Bowel Diseases

    December 15, 2011 5:40 am Comments Off
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    When homosexuality peaked in the late 70s, it bred a series of disastrous diseases known as The Gay Bowel Diseases.  While liberal law has officially forbid this correct terminology in Obama-era textbooks, the diseases enveloped by Gay Bowel Diseases are recognized by the CDC as follows:

    1. HIV/AIDS
    2. Herpies
    3. The Clap
    4. Gonnorhea
    5. Homosexually Induced Mental Psychoses
    6. Leaky Colon Syndrome
    7. Gay Bowel Syndrome
    8. Scabies
    9. Pneile Chaffing
    10. Torn Sphincter Meniscus
    11. Reverse Clogged Intestine
    12. Foreign Object in Digestive Tract
    13. Chagas/Hunta Virus

    These diseases are but a few of many, but gives you the idea of the type of aireborn, foot to mouth and other communicable diseases gays have wrought upon us.

    Now new technology shows that White Blood Cells in the body can be made to chase down pathogens and this gives hope to curing former gays of the hundreds of various bacteria, bacteriophages, virii and other gay pathogens that likely infest their bodies and risk spreading to their future family, friends and people in their locale.

    Watch this video and pray that we are able to create anti-gay White blood cells.

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