• Whites To Force Herman Cain, Black Man, out of the Republican Election?

    December 2, 2011 6:29 pm 6 comments
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  • Man. I am sad. I am really sad. I was really looking forward to having a real black man as president. Now I know all you pastey faced crackers think that Obama is a black man but he is not. He is mixed. That ain’t black. Herman Cain is a real black man. And as a real black man it doesn’t surprise me that the white racist Republicans are afraid of him. They have dug up lies about him. Every woman that he has ever told a dirty joke to has accused him of sexual harrasment. Now some skank named Ginger White has said that they have had a 13 year long affair.

    Now I ask you..who of us has not gotten some strange on the side? Bill Clinton got strange on the side, in the front, in the back, with a cigar, hell that man nailed anything that WASN’T Hillary! He was a good president.

    But with this news some are saying it is the last nail in the coffin for Cain’s Presidential bid. In fact Yahoo news is reporting that Cain is going home to Atlanta and tomorrow will make an announcement on the future of his candidacy. He called the claim of the affair “garbage” but when asked about dropping out he had this to say, “Nobody’s going to make me make that prematurely,” Cain said. “That’s all there is to it.”

    Unfortunately his poll numbers have dropped dramatically, and his supporters are running away, even Cain himself has acknowledged that fundraising has suffered from all these lies.

    The Des Moines Register released a poll today showing Cain’s support has plummeted, with backing from 8 percent of Republican caucus goers in Iowa, down from 23 percent a month ago.

    But my strong black brother, urged his supporters to look past the lies. Other than the Ginger White slut, he has been accused by several women of harassing them when he was president of the National Restaurant Association.

    “There’s a lot of garbage on the Internet. There’s a lot of garbage out there on the TV. There’s a lot of garbage out there about me, don’t you know? There’s a lot of misinformation out there. You have to stay informed and check out the facts for yourself,” Cain said.

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