• Why Are All of these Reddit.com Pinko Chinese Liberals Crying over SOPA?

    December 15, 2011 9:41 am 11 comments

    The seafaring pirates of the new-age are the yippie Obama lapdogs who like sitting around in illegal communes on Wall Street, use McDonalds Wifi to mooch an internet signal to frequent their favorite sites like Reddit.com and The Pirate’s Bay, places where users can steal money from American companies.

    Yes, on the internet there are places where the Chinese can literally download and steal every single movie made by Hollywood.  They can steal all of our music and then pretend that they are the ones who made it.  The US government is trying to protect the American economy from ruin and has introduced a new bill named SOPA, which stands for Stop Oriental Piracy Act.

    There is no navy more dangerous than the Chinese pirates, the very same type of beady eye meanies who dared attack America over 70s years ago.  But Abe, that was the Japanese!  Shut your mouth, liberalos!  Do you think there looks like much differece between an Asian eyed kamikazi saki turn your wife into a prostitute Nanking masscare yellowjacket and a kung fu Sam steal our nukes for a Chinese squealing intern giving Judas  Bill Clinton wiii wii  sucky sucky five dorrah make my juics flow time!  I think not!

    My anger is riled today.  The Chinese know that if we stop their online piracy and break-up their little communist recruiting site Reddit.com, then their government’s hold over our economy will falter!  China is building their market bubble on stolen goods from American!  The Chinese are trying to scare Obama into thinking they will declare war on Hawaii and take it if we do not comply.  Here is the front image on Drudge Report todayt o prove the fact!

    ””That is the photo of China’s aircraft carrier inching its way from their mothership of Beijing and beelined straight across the Atlantic to Washington DC!  Just like an ornery King Neptune of evil false god wrath, the Chinese plan to strike us all down if we pass SOPA!  Or so they threaten!

    Whatever happened to the Monroe Doctorine, whcih basically reads “If a country dares enter the Western Hemisphere, America reserves the right to nuke it.  Further, if America is forced to declare war on you, America reserves the right to nuke you.”

    And I wish James Monroe or even better Jefferson Davis were president right now, because not even a great dragon’s fire can compare to the searing wrath of American nuclear medicine!

    Let’s stop these pirates my friend.  That Chinese ship is just inching closer so the Chinese can still our internet bandwidth and take all our movies from our hyperspace floating around 0our country and take it back to their Chinese homes!  They will steal all our new summer blockbusters, our movies, our phone conversations and all sorts of other stuff that BELONGS IN THE AMERICAN INTERNET HYPERSPACE WWW.


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