• Wisconsin Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner Says Michelle Obama Has A ‘Large Posterior’

    December 22, 2011 11:42 am 15 comments
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  • “Take the averaged black man and ask him lack, she got to pack much back”  black quack rapper Dr. Dray

    For some odd reason, black men are infatuated with a woman’s backside.  They make this point known and we see even if they become president of the White House, there is still a genetic inkling that brings them back to their tribal roots.  Take for instance the booshayne of Michelle Obama.  Our good friend Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin noticed that Obama is a back man and that Michelle Obama fits the bill.  Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner says Michelle Obama “has a large posterior”.

    Let’s see:

    Here we see Mami Obama has a big ol Southern hospitality.  You can put an order of:  collard greens, greasy fried chickens and sweet pies on her backside dining room table and still have room for desert!  That big ol’ heine looks like a Clidesdale racehorse on shake your dolla bill morning!  Stripper hooker!  Don’t try to call me racist when Michelle Obama dressed like a hooker at her prom!


    Here we see Boom Boom Balinda thundering around the White House’s court yard.  The dog is so scared that instead of trying to sniff and greet, he’s looking away and begging the camera man to save him from this monster rompous.

    And Obama petting his prize.

    Now at this point, liberals will jump up and down and try to say that just because Obama’s genes are tainted with African roots, it doesn’t mean he likes to booty dance and play captain sodomy with a woman’s backside.  Maybe he’s just like all the other normal men of Earth and use a woman’s body how it is supposed to be used.


    Now with that evidence you can see the French president Toný Cameron is also a fecal fantisizer.

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