• All That Remains: Great Christian Music

    January 15, 2012 4:23 am 65 comments
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  • All to often when I write an article on a music group it is about how horrible they are. But I am happy to be writing this article about the rock band All That Remains. Not since I discovered Avenged Seven Fold: Today’s Best Jesus Rock Band have I found a christian band with a good message.

    In The Beginning:

    There was a man named Philip LeBonte. He had just been kicked out of another band named “Shadow’s Fall” for not being an atheist. He fortunately had already been working on a new christian side project and threw himself full into the bands creation in 1998.

    Philip Lebonte Tebowing
    The band had two albums before their first big commercial success in 2006 with the album “The Fall of Ideals”. Fall as fans of the group call it, was a collection of songs talking about the fall of the Devil and of Man from God’s grace. The album sold 13,000 units in the first week alone, saving thousands of souls at the same time.

    Follow up albums were “Overcome” discussing over coming Satanists and Atheists (who are really one in the same) and in 2010 “For We Are Many” which is a direct allusion to the multitude of Christs Army. It is being reported that they are working on a new album!

    Lebonte Controversy:

    In 2011, band creator Philip Lebonte angered many Black Veal Brides fans when he called Andy Beer sack “a f*cking faggot”. Which was in direct reference to an article that I had just written outing Beersack as a homogaysexual. Beersack appeared in a you tube video with long time gay boyfriend Matt Good where they discussed having sexual relations with one another.

    One is a MAN the other a transgender

    Lebonte over night became hated by the liberal elite and liberal media. Magazines and blogs wrote rude articles about him, emosexuals posted videos to you tube, but I and the rest of the christian right wing media stood behind Lebonte despite his use of that most offensive word.

    F*ck, is not a word that Christians use. But I can understand, after a year of writing about Andy 6 Beersack and his evil 12 year old fan base I can understand why he became so upset. But despite his sinful use of that most foul word we still stand behind him as a good christian example.

    He is also a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment to have guns. As a good American Lebonte knows that we need guns to defend ourselves against foreign threats from such Un-Americans as communists and atheists.


    Althought it is loud rock music and at times can have whiney vocals or even screaching, please do not confuse this music for that of the Black Veal Brides. One look at Lebonte and you can tell that he is a proud American, a strong white man, that embraces freedom in one hand and a Ar-15 in the other.

    Here is one of their songs that is about Christians being bullied by atheists and non-believers. The song is called “Hold ON”.

    Another one of their most recent songs is this one about angels. It is called “The Last Time”.


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