• An open Response to Amber (RE: Word of Warcraft is Evil)

    January 10, 2012 3:53 pm 18 comments
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    Article that appeared on the website Christwire.org June 25, 2009
    World Of Warcraft is Evil – Boy Goes Insane After Parents Cancel Account.

    Among the myriad dangers that face out youth today, one of the most provocative and diverse is the video game market. Greedy corporate executives seduce a youngster’s curiosity with the morbid and uncouth by delivering titles which promote gun battles, sexual themes and dark arts.
    Of all video games, perhaps the most dangerous is World of Warcraft. An estimated 10 to 20 million people play this game and it’s a nightmare. As studies have shown, the game has had negative impact on the lives of youth and has contributed to unemployment rate in the 16-32 year old male cohort, as well as crimes of drug use and violence.
    It comes as no surprise that these reports come to surface, millions of parents and spouses worldwide are canceling their loved one’s WoW accounts. If these trends were not alarming enough, WoW player commonly form what are called ‘guilds’ and meet in online communities such as Myspace.com, where they exchange personal information.
    Just think, your young teen son or daughter may be going out to meet a sadistic cheetos-stained, basement dwelling 43-year-old man they met from WoW the next time they claim they are going on a shopping trip with ‘the guys’ at the local mall. This is becoming very common and good parents are responding responsibly to the threat.
    In the following video, we see a family scene where some good parents are removing the threat of World of Warcraft from their home. Satan uses this game to addict teens to thoughts of tribal violence and costumed orgies, and from this teen’s response we see the dangerous grip this game has on the life of youngster.
    Parents, please ruin Satan’s day and sneak into your son or daughter’s room tonight, to see if they have this horrible game installed on their computer or gaming system. If so, do what’s right and remove the game, then cancel their accounts.
    When you son or daughter naturally cries, “This is not fair!” ask them how they would like to turn up dead in a ditch on the five o’clock news, the latest victim of the cheetoostained WoW stalker. They’ll thank you for looking out for them.

    She then ended her rant with Let’s look at this video to see how WoW addiction makes a teen act, so you may know what to expect when you cancel your child’s account. Which video was a joke made by a couple of kids just having fun.
    My Response

    An Open Response to Amber
    Response to Amber’s – World Of Warcraft is Evil – Boy Goes Insane After Parents Cancel Account Posted June 25, 2009

    Give me a break! Amber after reading your article the only conclusion one can draw from it is that you are a very disturbed individual, and a sick one at that. Before writing and publishing an article of this nature you should have at least spent a little time researching some actual facts, which I might add you have none. Let’s just address the guild issue you presented. Yes there are guilds, almost every play belongs to a guild, and no they are not on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking website, which I might also add here, your website is. Hmm. No Amber they are in the game, the guilds serve as a place for its members to PLAY THE GAME with others to obtain achievements from within the game that could not otherwise be achieved. Also a place for guild members to keep in touch on what’s going on in the game. I’ve always wondered what makes a person such as yourself tic, but I guess it takes all kinds, and someone such as yourself is at beat in the end always good for a laugh to the multitudes that happen to stumble across something you have published. By the way a friend sent me the link and told me if I wanted to get a good laugh to check out your article. Oh; and Amber, no there are not millions of spouses canceling each others accounts, there are however several million couples who play WoW together, and get this Amber, belong to guilds. Oh God forbid they must be sick huh?
    I am a writer and author of many articles especially gaming, and I am also an avid player of World Of Warcraft, (which I write about every day) better known to the over eleven million online players as WoW. While researching for an upcoming article in a series I am doing on senior citizens exercising their brains I came across Amber’s post. For those of you that know the game I have played since the days of BC, for those of you that don’t; that’s a long time. Oh; and did I mention that I’m also 68 years old? Which ranks me among some of the oldest players, but not the oldest by any stretch of the imagination as I know of players from my age well into their eighties, and can still kick butt in an instance, or BG. Among other things WoW, and mmorpg’s like it keep us thinking, not evil thoughts, just constantly thinking, and that thinking process helps us to exercise our brains, weather young or old exercising our brains is every bit as important as keeping our muscles in shape. So do as I do and the next time someone yells from the next room when I’m playing WoW, and asks what I’m doing. I simply impress them with. “Just exercising my brain.” I can get away with that because they all know about the articles I’m writing, you on the other hand might have to work at that a little. So if you happen to be an Alliance player you can check us out at – outofmanaonline.com – Our guild is Out Of Mana on the Steamwheedle Cartel Server, and My toon is an iLevel 388 hunter named Gourgon, who just happens to be the GM for our guild, as well as the site administrator for our website. And as you can probably tell, I’ve spent a lot of time exercising my brain. So Amber – NO THE GAME IS NOT EVIL! And after reading your take on several other topics the only conclusion I can come to is that you are evil. And if your website condones this type of misinformation being published in the name of god and good Christians, I feel sorry for you.

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