• Andy Biersack Breaks nose on stage. Was it really the work of “GOD”? Or is it just a bunch of lies and religious bs?

    January 26, 2012 9:19 pm 275 comments
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  • As a fan of this particular band, I must express how I feel about a certain web page that I have found that was absolutely not relevant to the situation and some of it was just straight up lies.

    “What music can be more deceptive than the vain vile words of the Black Veiled Brides!  They call themselves the Fallen Angels and there is one lead singer of damnation who calls himself the same thing!  The Pied Piper of Damnation.  Satan!

    You and your Black Veil Bride ARMY are nothing CHILDREN OF DISOBEDIENCE!  Just like the scripture says, lo and behold, for greatly cometh the wrath of God!”


    “Behold, the face of Andy Biersack, the lead ‘singer’ of your “Army”.  Look at him tremble before the power of the Lord his God.  With but a thought, God sent the Black Angel of Halloween Damnation to the Black Veil Bride concert in London, England!

    This great and glorious story began in Luxembourg when Los Angeles “glam rockers” Black Veil Brides took the stage for their Halloween Weekend Sinsational Bash!

    Our affiliates in London protested the show and the Brides, but the dark forces are defiant.  Their supposed army of misfit hooligans ignored our words and not all parents entered their children’s rooms, and rip their children’s tickets apart as instructed!

    But that’s okay, because God cancelled the concert himself.  Liberal parents, be warned!  Your child may suffer from Andy Biersack Obsession Disorder.  It is scientifically proven that the voice of Biersack is so powerful it’s unto a million Don Juan Demons, swooning your daughter and making her think sinful thoughts of wearing black leather thongs and having Uncle Tweety’s Liquid ecstasy induced flesh lusting sessions!”

    Ok, point number one, Andy Biersack Obsession Disorder? Seriously? Scientifically proven? Ok, if someone’s voice was able to “swoon” someone into such thoughts, it would be the teenage voice in the back of the head induced by hormones. I’m sorry, but there is nobody on this entire planet that is that is COMPLETELY free of sexual urges at one point or another. No one in this lifetime or the next is or will ever be able to MAKE you have these thoughts. Especially not by their voice.

    “The concerts of these Veil Brides are nothing but mosh pits of hellish destruction, your child’s morals being swamped up in a blinding cloud of smoked magic mint and then if that’s not bad enough, illegal finger posturings in the minor 7th harmonic by the bassist! For those of you who don’t know what that means, just know it is something that will make you cringe and the sound will send shivers down your spinal cord.”

    Point number two, they say that moshing is nothing more that binding clouds of smoked magic mint. What the hell is that supposed to mean? Nothing. It’s just something that he said to lure you in.

    Point number three, just what is “illegal finger posturing”? Nothing, it doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as “illegal finger posturing”. If there were, you would get arrested for flipping some one off, or just simply using your middle finger to push your glasses back up. Plus, he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. Otherwise, he would have given examples and explained why they were illegal.

    “Now, for you parents in London, your children will be depressed.  They won’t get to worship their boy king Andy Biebersack and that is fine!  If they cry and try to sit in their room with their dark clothing, blaring music on their iPod and blotting out your words, burn it!  Burn their BVB posters!  Take their laptops away!  Make them wear the clothing you want!”

    Point number four, His name is not Biebersack. It’s Biersack. And he needs to learn proper grammar and spelling!!!

    Point number five, I have no right or reason to tell parents how to raise their children, but I do have my own opinions about this, based on my personal experience. I have a few things to say about this that can and will happen between you and your child should you choose this method.

    1. They will not trust you
    2. They will hate you
    3. They may run away
    4. They will know nothing because they have experienced nothing.

    These are a few points that I will follow when I have kids of my own. I cannot tell you that you should follow them too, but I hope that you will listen. It’s important.

    1. Let them go out and experience things for themselves.

    If you let them make their own mistakes, they will learn eventually what they truly believe.

    1. Be positive and support their individuality.

    A child that is supported in individuality is a child that will better fit into society, and people will find them interesting and fun because they are different than the usual “sheeple” they’re used to. I’m not saying that you should not let them have role models, but let them take the life lessons from the mistakes and accomplishments from these role models and morph their own life.

    1. Experimentation, bad choices, and wearing exotic and out-of-the-norm clothing are normal occurrences for kids of any age.

    You let them make their own choices. You can tell them what you PREFERR but let them only base their decision on that. Guide them, don’t force them.


    A young girl that is “Pregnant with herpes” (Charles D. Finley, Christwire) is still your child none the less. Should this happen is because you failed to properly guide them to do the right thing. But this is a mistake you will share with her. Love her regardless. It’s the same for the son that has gone to jail for something. It is because you failed to guide them properly. Love them anyway. They are your children.

    It is important that these are your basic guidelines. Now if you want to be a hard-ass, you can go down the same path that Charles Finley did. He will state loud and proud that he will disown his daughter, just because he did not guide her properly. He is the type to force his religion on his daughter. To basically say “My way or the Highway.” (As said by Limp Bizkit) From personal experience, this is a bad, bad, HORRIBLE, thing to do to a child. THEY MUST HAVE FREEDOM!!!!!!!

    “Evil is as evil does, and so if you don’t want your children having blood lusting Twilight sessions in Hot Topic’s secret VIP rooms or coming up pregnant with herpies then keep them away from BVB concerts!”

    To keep the on going points coming, point number six.

    Evil is as evil does, this is true. But who knows what true evil is? It’s not snakes or spiders (as much as I hate them). It sure as hell isn’t an emo band that sends a pretty damned good message. It’s us, human beings. We are our own evil. The darkness is within every heart. Everyone has it. Even the “holy and forgiven” Reverend Clyde. Even you and me. Most people don’t get this concept.

    Point number seven,

    Hot Topic does not have secret VIP rooms, it never did. Hot Topic isn’t even a Goth-emo store anymore. I should know. I’ve been to a Hot Topic store and it definitely is not what it used to be. The skate shop looked more Goth than Hot Topic did. And for your information, Twighlight (sorry Twighlight fans) kinda sucked in my opinion. And rock concerts (especially BVB concerts) do not make young girls get pregnant with herpes. (He didn’t even spell it right any way. Herpies)


    “Tell the little naive minded harlots that it is your house and your rules! They will be homeless little waifs in the scary foster care system if they defy your authority again!

    You children will straighten right up. No Black Veil Brides. You’ve seen what God did to Biersack, just imagine the fate awaiting your child’s soul if you let them continue to freely listen to this music when you do not like it! They can only listen to what you like, for it is written!”

    Proverbs 22:6
    Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it

    Okay, my eighth and final point.

    Since when did he have any right to tell people how to raise their children? Never. It’s the parent’s responsibility to raise them. I cannot say that there is a correct way to do it. But there is a wrong way. There is no “straight and narrow.” Truthfully, there is a wide road that they can take. It leads them to a wide variety of life choices that they can and will make in the future. Good life choices. There are always obstacles, but the road is never narrow. Personally, if my parents had called me a naïve minded harlot, I’d rather be a homeless little waif in the scary foster care system. I enjoy my freedom. Screw this “politically correct” programming.

    GOD DID NOT DO THIS TO ANDY. It was an ACCIDENT. Plain and simple. What he says is a lie. IF you let them freely listen to this music, even if you don’t like it, it’s the meaning that matters. The message that the music carries. You have to LISTEN to the words. READ the lyrics. If you UNDERSTAND the message the child is receiving from this music, then you will understand your child better and thus will have a better relationship with this child. Listen to them, confide in them and vice versa. Try to understand why the child is the way they are. And try to teach them in a POSITIVE way, WITHOUT threats, what is right and wrong. THAT IS how you raise your child. These are the most basic guidelines of parenting. I may have no right to tell you how to raise your child, but to make their lives better; this is the way to go!! As the proverb in the bible says,

    Proverbs 22:6
    Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it

    He posted it to use it against Andy Biersack, but I use it to implore you that you listen. This proverb does not mean what he says it does. What this means is that you keep them in a good environment, this teaches them what this feels like, and you teach them right from wrong within this environment, they learn and grow stronger. They WILL begin to become the person you want to see them become. But, should you keep them on their toes within this good environment, that will become all they know. Life will not shelter your children as you do. You cannot shelter them all their lives. As they grow, ease them into the life of a proper adult. Don’t wait until they are a certain age and then just dump a ton of responsibility on them. They will be spoiled and unprepared.

    As this goes, this is just my opinion. Regardless, I will beg you to not listen to these religious zealots!!! If you choose not to listen to that wish then at least consider my guidelines. It is imperative.

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