• BREAKING: Barack Obama Gets Into Fist Fight With Female Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

    January 25, 2012 9:02 pm 28 comments
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  • BREAKING:  US President Barack Obama Assaults Arizona Governor Jen Brewer

    Wednesday, Jan 25, 18:27:22 ET

    President Barack Hussein Obama arrived in Phoenix today and was immediately greeted by Arizona governor Jan Brewer.  Relishing in the sun, inside reporters claim Obama initially looked happy as he stepped off Air Force One, that is until Governor Brewer handed the president a handwritten letter.

    Brewer had wrote a great book entitled “Scorpions for Breakfast”.   A companion piece for the ChristWire Handbook, Scorpions for Breakfast elaborates on ChristWire’s investigation into the dark and secret aspects of Obama’s manipulative, conspiracy ridden presidency.

    Obama has come out against both the ChristWire Handbook and Scorpions for Breakfast, taking no time lighting up Governor Brewer and being upset because her work did not ‘treat him cordially’.

    Onlookers report an intense scene, where Brewer was being shouted over by Obama, who then as we see in the image seems to be punching her with his fight hand as she points a quivering victim’s finger and begs him to stop the assault.  Not content, Obama purportedly continued to lay into the sweet governor who had intended for today’s visit to be about ‘rebooting” Arizona and building a stronger America.

    Brewer’s letter was cordial and expressed the aforementioned goals.

    After Obama berated Brewer, he allegedly stormed off and looked proud of himself, not looking back as he boarded Air Force One and took off.

    Muslims believe that by Shariah Law, men should be allowed to physically strike any women.

    Obama’s religion has long been debated and this grievous assault shows the president primal and raging, using his hulking frame and power to bring intimidation to the petite and terrified mother of three children.

    A distraught Brewer spoke to reporters on the subject:  “When Brewer spoke with your pooler, the AP and an NBC producer for several minutes afterwards, she appeared a bit flustered and taken aback by the conversation. Asked if she was, that's when Brewer said, "I'll regroup.

    More as story develops

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