• Can a Return To Whaling Restore the American Economy?

    January 31, 2012 12:22 am 200 comments
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  • (chrisTwire)—Last week, President Obama gave his annual state of the union address. In it he admitted economic failures yet placed most of the blame on others. He laid out a roadmap for the future that includes no more handouts and increased economic fairness. While his roadmap included no real new ideas, we do admit that blaming him for his failures does America no long term good, and if we want to make our land great once again, we must have a positive and workable agenda of our own to promote.
    So, in looking for a plan to save America, conservatives must ask ourselves what worked before and what caused our failures? Because only with a look back to better more prosperous times can we (and we must) make the failures of yesterday work again.

    What are America’s Needs?
    In looking for a solution for our problems we must look at what America needs out of its Economy. The basic needs boil down to four basic categories which are: Jobs, Energy, National Security and Food. In today’s fast pace world we need a single solution that addresses all of these categories simultaneously. So what can feed our poor, provide energy, reduce our dependence in foreign imports and create jobs all in one fell swoop?

    Whaling is currently prohibited by the 1986 whaling ban instituted by the International Whaling Commission. Currently, Norway, Iceland, and Japan are asking for the ban to be rescinded or they may not honor the ban if their request is ignored. America is a private country, with its own constitution and our own right to do what is in our best interest. It is time for America to reject the authority of foreign multinational organizations and take our economy into our own hands. We need to unilaterally break any and all whaling prohibitions immediately.

    Whaling is a multipurpose solution. The average weight of a whale is 50 tons. In that immense mass is both food and oil. Food that can feed our people and fuel that can heat our homes and power our cars. In addition to food and fuel, massive economic injectors will be realized as we go to a whaling based economy. Besides the obvious jobs for the whalers themselves we will need engineers to redesign and retrofit combustion engines to handle the new fuel, refineries will need to be built and operated, whaling technology will be a new field requiring a new generation of college educated individuals. These are just some of the hundreds of new career fields which will be available to the American work force.

    A Renewable Resource
    Unlike wind and solar, whaling is a renewable resource. The more whales harvested, the more will grow back. When a population of a species is reduced, its food supply becomes plentiful, causing a faster regrowth of the species in question. We can leverage this biological science with technology that allows for whale farming and genetic modifications to increase the harvest yield.
    Liberals have long touted the legalization and cultivation of hemp as the answer to Americas woes. They say it makes good rope. Unfortunately, America does not need rope, it needs energy and jobs. Whaling is also far Less dangerous than Hemp and its byproducts.

    A Technical and Cultural Boon for us and the Third World
    Using modern methods currently over 45% of the whales mass can be used. That’s a huge return on investment. However, if we divert federal research funding that goes into solar power to whales, we could in our lifetime be able to use over 57% of a whale. In addition, new cultural opportunities will be realized such as a whaling version of deadliest catch can appeal to minorities and the poor. Undesirable byproduct could be sold to Mexico and other poor counties so that they could be used for inexpensive slurry or be used in inexpensive housing.
    Other products such as perfume come from whales. Whale bones can be used to make dice, piano keys, and can be cut into measured timber (lumber) replacements.

    Whale bone can also make a fine reusable plastic like material. Baleen comes from whales and it is tough yet flexible, it could be used in a number of practical applications. The comparison to plastic is apt. Think of common items which today might be made of plastic, and it’s likely that similar items in the 1800s would have been made of whalebone.

    National Security, Reducing our Dependence on Foreign Oil
    One of the biggest problems with our current energy policy is we buy oil from the Middle East. Not only does this remove Money from America, but it puts money in the hands of terrorists. Whales are free. They are a natural gift from the creator. By cutting of monetary supplies to the middle east we can watch them crumble apart and degrade back into whatever they want to be. They don’t want us, and we don’t want them. It’s a win-win.

    Environmental Impact
    Whales consume oxygen and expel Carbon Dioxide a greenhouse gas. Reducing the amount of CO2 emissions from whales is a goal that extreme liberals can even get behind. Even the Obama administration has gotten behind our efforts and has come out in support of a vote to legalize whaling.

    An End to Unemployment Forever?
    Thanks to a generous grant from the foundation for a better tomorrow, we conducted a study about job creation with whaling.

    There are currently 13.1 Million unemployed Americans and whaling can create 14.3 Million jobs in 72 months. We may actually have to import some labor.

    We must act soon…. For America.


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