• Canadian Space Programs Greatest Achievement is Laughing stock of Scientific World

    January 29, 2012 4:15 pm 55 comments
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  • In 1961 The Soviet Union and The United States each sent a white man into space. 42 years later China Joined the technological age by sending its first “person” into orbit. This month Canada launched its first spaceman into the final frontier.

    Unfortunately Canadian technology isn’t what it should be thanks to socialism, universal healthcare, and a few unlucky beaver dam failures.
    Canada, in desperation, launched a Lego man (not made in Canada) into space.

    Sadly, this Lego man is not quite a spaceman, yet. According to UniverseToday, NASA considers people to be astronauts once they’ve traveled higher than 80 km (50 miles), so this little guy has quite a ways to go before he gets any calls from NASA. Still, he’s more of an astronaut than the rest of Canada

    You can see a video of the flight here:


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