• Cher Not Dead, Another Left Wing Liberal Rumor

    January 28, 2012 9:10 am Comments Off on Cher Not Dead, Another Left Wing Liberal Rumor
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    What grinds my gears so much about the left wing media machine is how they spread lies.  The latest from these left wing Bozos has to do with our good friend Cher.

    Cher is a great American entertainer who used to be married to Senator Sonny Bono.  She used to sing popular songs in the 70s and now wears a leotard in her old age, not being so bad that she instantly causes your eyes to hurt. 

    But bad enough that you want to turn back time or the channel.

    Cher’s greatest claim to fame these days is actually her rebellious daughter Chastity “Chaz” Bono.  You would think that with a name like Chastity, you would not worry about your daughter being a little flussy.   You would be right.

    Cher does not have to worry about her daughter getting knocked up, because her daughter wants to be a boy.  What a sad, hard thing for a parent to deal with.  If this were my daughter, I’d force her to become a nun at the strickest nunnery I could find!  But this Cher is doing the liberal parent thing and trying to stay open-minded.  More power to her, but no daughter of mine is having a transgenic beard!

    And how does the liberal media repay this parent?  Being creating headlines that Cher is dead?  How sick.  I’m guessing this must be the work of a jealous Rachel Maddow or maybe that Jon Stewart boy.   So sad and sick how the new comic media works.

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