• China Attempts to Destroy The Super Bowl

    January 8, 2012 11:34 pm 50 comments
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  • The Evil red dragon of the Communist Chineses has reared its ugly slanty eyed head again. This time they are attempting to destroy two of America’s greatest traditions, The Super Bowl and eating pizza.

    It was reported yesterday on the News website called Twitter.Com that a Chianasian woman was seeking to destroy Papa John’s Pizza. Papa John’s Pizza is an American company who is sponsoring the Super Bowl. This threat from the Chinese lady did not go un-noticed by us, but the Department of Homeland Security under the rules of Obama were not allowed to make an arrest and torture this young woman until we learned the depths of the Chinese’s plans. Typical Obama, siding with the Communists.

    Yesterday, a Communist Chinese spy from Japan took to the Twitters site to try and defame one of the major sponsors of the Super Bowl, Papa John’s Pizza. This women named Ku Kee Hu-Chi reportedly called all employees and members of the Papa John’s Pizza company racist just for describing her face in the “Customer Name” section on her receipt. Maybe if she would have given her name, or had a proper American name, they wouldn’t have needed to type “Lady Chinky Eyes” in that space. It truly boggles my mind how people can see racism in situations like this. She obviously was of the Asiatic species, therefore she had “chinky eyes” and she was a female therefore a “Lady”. I believe the employee should be commended for their accurate and non-sexist description of this young woman.

    It is a fact that China hates God and now I have realized why they wanted to ruin the Super Bowl, Tim Tebow loves God and is leading the Denver Broncos to a Super Bowl victory this year. China will stop at nothing to disgrace God.

    In conclusion, order Papa John’s Pizza everyday until the Super Bowl so that the evil, Communist Chinese don’t win, or you aren’t a true American!!!

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