• Christian Conservatives Aren’t Stupid, Those Saul Alinsky Liberals Are

    January 28, 2012 1:08 am 24 comments
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  • Well, another self-aggrandizing report from the Saul Alinsky liberal educated elite is claiming that conservatives are less intelligent than their liberal counterparts. Will someone help these people get over their second class status, get back to work as janitors and off the government teat?

    “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.” ~ SaulAlinsky

    The recent article, “New Study Reveals That Stupidity Can Make You Conservative And Racist” attempts to convince the nation that liberals have intellect. This all appears suspicious for three reasons. First everyone, including that whiskery “Joe My God” Gaystapo character, is linking to a Yahoo article that links back to an imaginary-science blog called “Live Science”. Second, the reaction has been a twitterverse explosion. Third, no one is questioning the validity of this article or the science. It is being copy and pasted without analysis or consideration. I smell Saul Alinsky all over this.

    For those too young or homeschooled in a Christian environment, Saul Alinsky was a community organizer with strong ties to Lucifer the devil. He wrote a subversive 1971 tome, “Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals“, a sort of liberal rule book for becoming an agent of communism and brain terrorist heck-bent on destroying the faith, family and freedom values that are the three legs of the American milking stool. Today, Alinsky minions carry out this goal and are using the main stream media and the President who is not President Bush to accomplish dubious goals by nefarious means. A portrait of Alinsky hangs in the White House although Jim Carney, the White House Press Secretary, talks around its existence.

    “Today, my notoriety and the hysterical instant reaction of the establishment not only validate my credentials of competency but also ensure automatic popular invitation.” – Saul Alinsky

    Creating a cultural divide is part of the Alinsky strategy for agitating the waters and bringing up the muck from the bottom to mingle with the clean soapy water of the top. The idea that conservatives are stupid relies on scientific chicanery as part of a messaging strategy intent on vexing the vetting process for a strong Republican nominee. The liberals fear and envy the success of the Christian conservative message and must resort to schoolyard antics like name calling articles placed on the internets as ‘news’.

    While some of the science is verifiable on the “Live Science” site, it is also peppered with so called studies meant to garner a hysterical instant reaction from the media, who represent the establishment. This reaction has more to do with brain science than the pseudo sociology science of the study, which doesn’t even reveal the percentage of blacks in the population sample or p-values used. Without this information it is possible the sample was littered with known lower intelligence populations and mislabeled as conservative. The physical science is more sound.

    Smarter, so called conservative brains have a more pronounced amygdala – a primitive part of the brain associated with emotion and reactions. Socialist thinkers have thicker anterior cingulates – which is an area associated with anticipation and decision-making. No one in the liberal press is gnashing their teeth over being called thick, because it is something they do not want to face and their thinker anterior cingulates require greater decision making. Tell a liberal there’s a bear in the woods and they want to know what color it is and the position of the sun. Tell a conservative and they will elect Ronald Reagan.

    The more controversial statements made with regard to this ‘study’ are easily put to rest by cooler heads. The science is being used inappropriately. The study as a whole is one of population averages carried out amongst large groups that were not tested for conservative purity. It is suspected that gays, the unemployed and possibly blacks were heavily added to provide mixed results.

    The premise itself is also suspect. To state that an individual is stupid or less intelligent simply because they are conservative or faithful to a risen savior is ridiculous. It would be like saying a 5lb bag of sugar weighs exactly 5lbs. In fact, it is statistically improbable that the individual 5lb bag of sugar weighs exactly 5lb, just as it is impossible to say any single conservative is less intelligent than any liberally educated, weed toking community organizer solely on the basis of this phony science. Yet the Alinsky activist acolytes are already screeching victory over superior Christian conservative thinking with this revelatory report that serves only a political purpose.


    This has not been a good week for the President who is not President Bush. The Grand Old Party is taking the country by storm and the conservatively reasoned arguments are ringing true like a clear tone for Liberty. The One has been caught attacking that dear Jan Brewer in Arizona. He gave a State of the Union Address that snatched inappropriate ownership and bragging rights from our Republican Congress, while allowing our country to slip in credit rating. This latest report is just another battle in the class war being waged by the left.

    Conservative Christians have struggled with the stupid label for centuries. For it to be drug out like some Saint’s bones seems a little cruel. Christians need assurance. While we do have our own creation museums, television shows and educational systems, we need something to help stave off these attacks on intellect. One simple at home test may help.

    Intelligence Test:

    If one really wants an unbiased test of intelligence, one only has to look to the ring finger. Try this simple, at home intelligence test used by several three letter government agencies and Seal Team Six to select members. It focuses on directional intelligence and requires several decoding skills for completion. You will need someone to read the instructions and trained to observe the results.
    Hold both hands, palms down, out in front of you. Angle your hands at a 110° angle with the forearm. Keep the fingers aligned together, not spread apart.

    Make a donut or circle with your left hand. Be sure to use your thumb to hold your fingers down. It should form a hand tube or telescope shape. Test your telescope by bringing it slowly to the eye. If you can see the computer screen, you’ve done this perfectly.

    Now, extend your ring finger only on your right hand, drawing the other fingers into a fist and leaving the ring finger pointing up. You may need someone to help you do this, since your left hand should still be making the donut shape.

    Close your eyes and keep them closed for the remainder of the test.

    With the left hand in the telescope shape and the right hand with the pointing ring finger, bring both hands together slowly until they touch. The trained observer will note by clock position where the finger came into position (10 o’clock, etc.). Using the tip of the ring finger on your right hand, make a circle around the outline of the eyehole of the telescope. Make three complete clockwise rotations and then slip your ring finger into the slot.

    Remove your ring finger from the embrace of the left hand and touch the tip of your nose with the ring finger. Don’t keep the tip of your finger on your nose. Quickly try to slip back into the left hand slot. Repeat this five times as fast as you can. Remember to keep your eyes closed.
    The observer will note the time it takes for you to do this and the number of successful attempts. Five successes in five attempts is a genius level intelligence. Anything below that isn’t worth discussing because the 72 skills required to complete the task correctly do not lie.

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