• Demi Moore 911 Call – “She Smoked Something” “Convulsions”: When Will Celebs Stop Getting Away with Drug Use?

    January 28, 2012 10:05 am 7 comments
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  • The latest celebrity to be in the spotlight for probable drug use is Demi Moore.  After a frantic call to 911, we can hear the friends of Demi Moore pretty much stating that the aging starlet had ‘smoked something’ and was likely hyped up on Red Bull. 

    During the course of the call, the first friend who called in became angry with the operator. 

     “Why isn’t the ambulance here yet,” the caller demands to know.  Later in the call, another person at Demi’s side reports she was beginning to rouse. 

    Later review found the ambulance took just a bit over ten minutes to reach the celebrity.

    While you naturally have to hope the best for people in situations like this, especially considering all the media spectacle that’s surrounded Moore and her once young and cheating husband, Aston Kutcher, there has to be a breaking point of fairness as well.

    How many times do we have to watch Lindsay Lohan sniff an 8 ball of crack and then get petted on the head by a judge, because she decided to show up to her 7th reschedule of community service in inappropriate make paparazzi happy flesh enticing outfits?

    It’s not really fair to everyday Co’Ran Jenkins and Sancho Mota get arrested and sent away for the same crimes people who blatantly plaster themselves on tv doing, is it?  Apparently it is if you have a SAG card or enough Hollywood clout.

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