• Demonic Cat Gets Caught Barking Like Dog, Then Resume Meowing

    January 15, 2012 2:20 am 57 comments
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    Every time I see an ASPCA commercial with cats trying to act innocent and abused, I get sick to my stomach.  What is with all the dramatic music and trying to make us feel sorry for cats, when they are DEMONIC CRATURES and we have poor children starving in Africa?  It don’t keep no sense.  Want to do something useful with cats?

    Send them to Africa!  It would be neat to see if all these vermin could be put to some use, like food.  That was my public service announcement for today but there is a better stories I needs to tell.  It is about a demon in a cat.  Sure, it does not seem too surprising but when you see this following video, you heart will race in wild fear and you will see a demon.

    WARNING:  The following video shows a cat possessed by a demon.  You can see Satan glowing in its eyes and a chill will go down your spine when it turns to the camera, violates the space time continuum and still scares you mind and soul!  Time matters not to a demon.  It travels through the time it was recorded in this video to try to possess you now.  Due to the nature of this video, please first pray and have the weakminded (women and children) step outside before viewing.

    Now when the human first walked up to the cat, you can see it was deceiving some innocent children outside the window. It was yipping like a cute puppy dog, sounds like a Bichon terrier or a nice little pit bull. But then when it is caught and its Mr. Stranger Happypants luring jig is up, it tries to meow like a cat! I bet this cat has in it the demon spirit of an executed child snatcher!

    No telling how much it would have mauled those children if they had just come over. Look at the demon try to meow like it is innocent! This is why if I see a stray cat on my property, I shoot it!

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