• Denver Atheists: Tim Tebow “Is Full of Crap” With the Whole Christianity Thing

    January 13, 2012 11:34 pm 60 comments
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  • A pouty group of Denver atheists have made a preliminary strike against Tim Tebow, showing their frustrations by claiming the visibly Christian quarterback is actually “full of crap” with the whole Christian thing.

    This shockingly mean-spirited verbal attack by the Denver Atheists Alliance is nothing short of an early endorsement for Tom Brady, a quarterback who is a devoted troublemaker and shows no particular fondness of the Republican right of America.

    Mangy and flustered, Denver Atheists combine with the American Atheist group to stage a mini-riot outside Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The protest hid under the guise of 'tailgaiting' and is aimed at showing displeasure with Tebow's apparent missionary work that's bringing thousands of football fans to seek Christ in their lives.

    Since low in number, the Denver Atheists Alliance conspired and outsourced to a larger atheist group to make their protest of Tim Tebow nationally known.  The radical American Atheists, a dangerous left-wing extremist group from New Jersey has flown into Denver this week to help ‘hex’ Tim Tebow and purportedly, “make this Christian idiot look just like that, a money-grubbing, attention seeking idiot”.

    The American Atheists contend Tebow is making a show of Christianity for personal gain.  They believe his kneeling to pray after a touchdown, the epic 4th quarter knee he takes for a miracle, the John 3:16 facepaint and even his strong anti-abortion stance is all for show and not a matter of heart.

    “When we watch a sporting event, we are all united for our team,” snarls David Silverman, president of American Atheists. “Tebow takes religion and injects it into the mix and divides the fan base.”   The Americans for Morality retorted, “Hey, it sounds like Richard Dawkins.”

    Angry with the snappy comeback, Silverman continued, “Religion injects the divisive force into football.  Why in the world are we talking about religion when we are talking about football?”

    The question posed by Silverman is a potentially good one.  Ron Paul did not respond to the question if ‘religion and football’ was barred in the Constitution and its certainly been a normal tradition for fans to pray or a player to “Thank God” after winning a Super Bowl.  Perhaps Silverman is angry because he’s a Tom Brady fan and if God does play partisan sportsmanship, surely Brady is going to be served some 4th quarter heartbreak.

    While it is no surprise to see someone named Silverman taking issue with Brady and his relationship with Christ, it’s comforting to know that it seems this typically atheist display of poor sportsmanship is being ignored by the spiritually hungry masses of America.

    People have been joining the Tebow coalition by the boatload, especially after last week Tebow was seen praying on the sideline as his team trailed the Pittsburgh Steelers.    With only seconds left in the game, commentators all but thought the Broncos were finished off.  But Tebow arose from his prayer, marched onto the field and threw a perfect pass into the cradled hands of Demaryius Thomas, an 80-yard miracle that touched the hearts of over 30 million viewers.

    Even the most talented of surgeons are now forgoing science and yielding to faith before tough surgeries. Here we see two absolutely brilliant California physicians Tebowing before a massive operation.

    Atheists are nervous. They are seeing a powerful reemergence of Christianity and they know Tim Tebow is at the helm. God is using Tim Tebow to make the issue of prayer, miracles and hope in a better future for America the dinner table topic at homes across America.

    America has fallen so far from its Godly heritage and Christian tradition. Even though our money says “In God We Trust” and the pledge we all took as children casted us prostrate before our Lord as “One Nation Under God”, our lifestyles do not match our oaths. We do not let our children pray in school. Only weeks ago, students were expelled and chastised for Tebowing.

    We have a society that is ashamed of Christ, the savior of not only our souls but every other person on Earth. Though people may think the Tebow thing is overblown, it does put Chrisianity back in the spotlight and in a fun way.

    Tim Tebow’s miraculous 80-yard pass to achieve victory of the Steelers made many people question if there is truly divine about the man and his devotion to praying before Christ.

    Tebow is not ‘full of crap’, atheists. He is the real deal. A man who proudly professes his faith in the midst of naysayers is a good man. Faith is not about empirical logic or raw numbers: it is about courage. It is courage to believe in something greater than yourself, for the sake of humility, hope and devotion. Faith is not something one can understand if their hearts are hardened. Perhaps take a peek into the New Testament if you are not too scared.

    Is God favoring the Denver Broncos to win games? Who knows, this reporter’s best guess is that no one can test God. But what I do know is that prayer is in the spotlight of America and even if everyone’s having fun with the topic, people are dropping to one knee and bowing their head. And in this confusing, war-torn, financially troubled world, a smile and a good sporting meme is a small part of what can make our days just that much better.

    So with that, good luck tomorrow to Tim Tebow and remember, keep Tebowing. It’s all euphamism for prayer.

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