• Dirty Liberals on Google Insult Rick Santorum’s Honorable Name

    January 6, 2012 7:37 pm 55 comments
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  • When I imagine the ideal American future, an image pops up in my mind, the image of the smiling face of Rick Santorum. With his qualifications, knowledge, and Morals, he will easily lead America to Victory if he succeeds in this election. However, like any brilliant man, there are challenges he must succeed in to win over America. I do not support any of these challenges because he is too good for them, but the liberal media puts them into place to try and make it harder for the Great Republicans of America to succeed.

    Rick Santorum has been vocal in his intolerance for sodomy, with good reason considering that in this day and age, it’s too risky to not let your view on homosexuality show through with the gay agenda attempting to lure your boys and girls for a world encompassing regime of rainbows and unspeakable sexual acts. The homosexuals, a maniacal machine determined to lure young men, will often claim that a Great American like President Santorum is a homosexual as a recruiting tactic. This is, as you can see, terrible.

    The evil liberals behind “It Get’s Better” are insisting that their vile slang be named after a good man in order to attempt to market homosexuality to the Republican crowd. This is an insult beyond anything to Rick Santorum. Rick Santorum is one of the most Upstanding, Moral Christians in America these days, and we do not allow this kind of slander.

    What will I be doing about this terrible problem? I will be boycotting Google. After all, it was founded by Stanford graduates so that basically accounts for the disgusting liberal bias upheld by the website. The site refuses to take this massive assault on Rick Santorum down, so instead I will now be relying on Bing for all of my search engine needs. I suggest anyone who hasn’t already left that homosexual wasteland of a site leave now, because Rick Santorum deserves better.

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