• Disney Princesses: A Sterling Tradition of Great Values for our American Daughters

    January 25, 2012 12:13 am 263 comments
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  • Behind the veil of Disney magic lies the sprawled loins of Satanic whispers. Dear parents make no mistake, the devil wants to make deviled eggs of the future egg layers of America, our daughters. He wants to slap the tangzy zip of Satanic salad dressing in the womb of every women and make them all gold digging devil whores!

    Now while I am not offended by a women who takes pride in looking good for her man, I also do not condone the messages of Disney magic! Look pretty and a rich prince will sweep you off your feet? Lies! How about have a brain and you may be lucky enough for a jobbed man to marry you?

    What about other values, like know when to shut your mouth and keep the home clean? Feed the children on time. When the husband is ready for marital bliss, don’t make excuses! Don’t go flirting around with Gaston and then try to have some Africa kunta kunta beast primal time whoo ha whoopie time, little beauty!

    Women these days aren’t taught about their Biblical duties and this Disney nonsense about singing songs and skipping to the doodah with three little Jamaican marijuana birds singing on your fingers is not helping the cause. I am tempted to accuse Disney of atheism because honestly, over the last two decades I can’t think of many of their movies with a pro Christian theme! And then we let our children watch the Disney channel!

    But I digress. In this infographic, let us look at the lessons from ‘timeless’ Disney and tell me if you want your daughter thinking this is what womanhood is all about. If you think these themes are right, you are a horrible parent. Call SRS and have yourself committed. If you think these are bad things, you agree with everything I have said so far and are a good parent. Glory.

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