• Emo Apocalypse: America 2045

    January 27, 2012 1:54 pm 425 comments
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    Last night the Holy Spirit came to me, he shared with me a revelation of sorts. I saw a dark image of this nations future. He told me that America is God’s chosen land, which I of course already knew, and that God sees that it is headed for ruin if we do not do something to stop it now. That is why I am sharing this most holy of visions with you. Please help me stop this Armageddon from happening to Gods land. If we do something now to stop the spread of Emosexuality as Russia has we will be spared from this horrible future.

    Imagine with me if you will, the year is 2045. This generation of emosexuals have aged 30 something odd years, they are now in their late 40’s and are now taking over leadership roles in our nation just as all generations have.

    The only problem is that this generation has been taught wrong. They have had piss poor parents, lazy teachers that hand them answers to tests so they can pad the federal testing scores, they have been fed lies by a lazy un-American society that allows musical filth to be spread across the nations air waves.

    This is a generation that believes that it can buck the social norms of a nation, and that we should accept it. When we show them the error of their ways they call normal people “bullies’. They think that they have the right to report anyone that disagrees with them for any reason that they can. They preach freedom but when it comes to someone disagreeing with them they close that freedom down.

    This is a generation that has grown up running to an authority figure for help instead of taking matters into their own hands. They have been weak bodied, effeminated pacifists unable to fight their own battles. This generation of wussies will take over this country.

    See the images in your head. Morals in the country have degraded. You can’t tell men from women. People are too busy forming fan groups for talentless bands and calling them “armies” for people to join the real Army. Recruitment is down in all the military branches. The emosexuals are in charge and have elected their Anti-Christ Criminal Ronnie Radke as President, and the more disturbing Andy 6 Beersack is this nations VP. They are further leading our grand nation to distruction.

    Without an effective military to impose fear in our enemies they begin to run rough shod over us. And without effective leaders in charge, Mexicans from the south flow into our borders becoming the majority and turning our wonderful nation into another diarrhead version of Mexico. Canadian drugs and health care as well as their godless athiest christian persecuting ways funnel down south. Christians are persecuted in the streets, guns are taken away from America loving God Fearing people. The Emo Police State cracks down on normal middle American. North Korea has a fully developed nuclear program and has taken over the Korean peninsula as well as surrounding parts of Asia.China is the worlds dominant super power and spreading communism and cheap goods in ways the old Russia could have only hoped for.

    In this future, Iran has taken over the middle east and is known as The Islamic Persian Empire. It spreads from India to the African Atlantic coast. They control 90% of the oil in the world. The spread their horrible violent religion to the world, MILLIONS OF SOULS are lost.

    Is this a future that you want for you and your children? I pray not. Join with me and fight the emosexual scourge.

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