• Emo Twittergate Controversy: Ronnie Radke of Falling In Reverse Tells fans “F**k You”

    January 25, 2012 8:10 pm 100 comments
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  • That’s right emosexuals. I have been telling you that these emo band leaders are all evil people out for one thing. Your money. You all have told me “No, Susan you are wrong. Andy BVB and Wacky Radke love me for who I am, why can’t you”.

    Well here we have it. Ronnie Radke has went on a Twitter spree of insulting his fans. Just like every performer that calls their self an artist this man is more of a money grubbing emo devil. Sure, I could tell you what was said but it is better to let you read what he said to his dear fans, yourself, and see the sad thoughts of a poor little emo girl at the bottom. She has come to realize that her emo demi-god is just a giant sell out to the all mighty dollar.

    WARNING:offensive emosexual language ahead, proceed with caution.

    Now I know you emos think that everything you see is photo shopped so feast your eyes on these. They are twits from actual Christwire.org commenters.

    As I write this the evil band is playing in my hometown of Atlanta Georgia. I understand that many of the tickets have been turned in for refunds by sad crying emosexual girls. I honestly can not say how happy that I am that people are starting to see this man for what he is. HE IS A CRIMINAL! He was in jail for murder! This is not a good person.

    If you do not know of this Ronnie “wacky” Radke, or would like to read them again, here are my previous article on him and his band”
    “Falling In Reverse” A Teen Pop Band of Gay Emosexual Criminals
    Ronnie Radke of “Falling On Reverse” is still a Criminal Sexual Deviant

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